‘Rocket Man’ Plays at Tivoli, Copenhagen in July


With 250 million records sold worldwide, Sir Elton John is one of the biggest and most successful solo artists ever.

Over five decades, he has played more than 3,500 concerts in 80 countries and with his touching version of Candle in the Wind (Goodbye England’s Rose) he managed to sell 33 million copies.

“Sir Elton John (‘Rocket Man’) belongs to the top of international pop icons. It will be a great musical summer, “says Tivoli artist manager Rune Erbs Led, referring to Mark Knopfler’s appearance on June 14 and later Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga on July 8.

If you want to experience Sir John there you may either spend 480 Danish kroner per ticket and get access to a restricted area in Tivoli Gardens, or you can just settle for paying the entrance fee to Tivoli, but then you must accept to stand at some distance from the stage.

Tickets can be purchase at Tivoli’s website or at the ticket counter at the entrance.

Sir Elton John will perform in Tivoli Gardens on July 6.