Roger Ballen Visits Oslo

Roger Ballen Visits Oslo

World-renowned artist/photographer Roger Ballen exhibits his works in Oslo. And for one night only you can experience his mesmerizing universe in an old circus tent at Aker Brygge.

The Roger Ballen exhibition will take place in Willas Contemporary in Oslo from 14 October through 11 November. The artist will be visiting Oslo from 11 to 14 October.

Roger Ballen Visits Oslo
Roger Ballen portrait

On Friday, 13 October, Ballen and the Norwegian sound artist Timon Botez will present a selection of the artist’s photographs combined with movies, projections and a very distinctive soundscape in an entirely new way in an old circus tent raised at Aker Brygge, a short distance from the Willas Contemporary.

The circus tent event will be a world premiere of the virtual reality version of Ballenesque, produced by OONI and is a result of close collaboration with Uncontaminated Oslo.

A sales exhibition will open to the public on Saturday 14 October.

Roger Ballen carries a PhD in Geology and was born in New York in 1950. He has worked and lived in Johannesburg, South Africa since the early 1980’s.

Roger Ballen Visits Oslo
Rpger Ballen: Brian with pig

‘The images I create, I create not to inform. They are much rather meant to be understood as a coherent commentary on the chaos in our incomprehensible world. If I could attach any meaning to the images, they would be nothing more than simple photographs,’ says Ballen.

Roger Ballen Visits Oslo
Roger Ballen: McZaint

Roger Ballen’s work is shown in prestigious institutions around the world and represented in museum collections such as Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France, Tate London, England, The Museum of Modern Art, USA and Louisiana in Denmark.

Roger Ballen: Mirrored top

Ballen’s collaboration with the rap group Die Antwoord has opened his universe to the younger generation – his music video I FINK U FREEKY has received over 100 million views on youtube. He has issued 24 books since 1979, and his next book; BALLENESQUE – A Retrospective, published by Thames and Hudson will be launched at a book signing event at WILLAS contemporary on Saturday, October 14th from 1-3 pm.

Roger Ballen Visits Oslo
Sergeant F. de Bruin, Department of Prisins, emplyee Orange Free State 1992

Willas Contemorary
First opened in Shanghai, Willas Contemporary is an Oslo-based art space showcasing internationally acclaimed artists. The gallery strive to create an edgy, vibrant space where an exchange between culture and commerce can take place. The identity explores the combination of mystery and clarity, the contemporary and the traditional, while always being humble in relation to artists and shows. A study of Willas’ architectural spaces — following the principle of form follows function — were incorporated into the identity system. The logo’s dynamic behavior made it possible to visualize Willas’ unique supervision on artists, shows and talks. The identity allows the art to shine in its entirety, while simultaneously communicating Willas’ invaluable work as the representative.

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