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2016 will be the eleventh summer in a row with rolling Vikings in the world’s most beautiful 7 day cycling stage race in Norway, The Viking Tour.

There are no time limits and participants can choose to ride with non-timed enthusiasts in the touring class. The challenge is simply to reach the finish line every day and get all the shared thrill at evenings while recovering.

Participants from las summer say it is a heartwarming atmosphere in this steepest race north of the Alps through the World heritage Norwegian fjord land.

From Viking Tour 2013
From Viking Tour 2013

“We hope to welcome just the right mix of young and old, fly-weight, bantams and elephants as in previous tears. This mix is surely the single most important contributor to the special informal and warm atmosphere that makes VT more than another cycling competition,” say the organizers.

For anyone who has ever wanted to do a multi-day road cycling stage race/adventure, this is a great first event. It is low key, a relatively small field and a touring option if you miss a day.

Both organizers, roadside fans and not to mention the riders themselves are very keen to welcome anyone simply up for an ultimate cycling holiday. Whether your goal is to complete the week or to drown in lactic acid just a little later than your best competitor.

During Viking Tour you can skip stages. Having a bad day, needing rest or just wanting to take photos for a day: at any time you can step off and ride with the pick-up van to the daily stage finish.

Make no mistake: The Viking Tour is also a tough stage race, with a route unmatched north of the Alps. For the competition classes there are challenges in abundance. Creating new routes, the organizers always end up asking themselves if this is simply too much vertical madness.

The Viking Tour 2016 runs from 6 through 12 August.

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