Room 7 at Sweden’s Treehotel

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Norwegian architects Snøhetta has completed a new treetop cabin, “the seventh room”, for the Treehotel in Harads, northern Sweden.

Room 7 at Sweden’s Treehotel
The “7th room” hangs 10 meters up in the air

What began with a viewing of a film about a small tree house, has now become one of the coolest hotels in the world.

Treehotel was recently awarded the Mr & Mrs Smiths “Best Family Hotel” within boutique hotels, and the new room goes along perfectly with the family theme, having room for up to 5 guests.

One of the most spectacular features at the Treehotel is the patio which consists of a net – perfect for observing the Northern Lights.

Room 7 at Sweden’s Treehotel
Enjoy a comfortable stay

The “7th room” hangs 10 meters up in the air. And of today, new and old guests are welcomed to stay up in the tree crowns, with a close view of the northern lights during autumn and winter.

You can even sleep outside! The cabin is designed for five people and the facade consists of a black, charred wooden surface, unlike any of the other Treehotel rooms. Architect: Jenny Olufsen from the world-renowned design and architect firm Snøhetta. The Norwegian crew is also behind the re-designed SFMoMA in San Francisco, the contemporary version of the classic library in Alexandria, as well as the landmark Oslo Opera House.

Room 7 at Sweden’s Treehotel
Architecture: Snøhetta

The founders of Treehotel were inspired by a Swedish documentary about a city dweller who wanted to escape the city summer and move into a tree house along the Lule River. An idea had been planted. And from the moment it started to take shape and become a reality, it has always been about grand design.

Room 7 at Sweden’s Treehotel
Treehotel view

“And in summer, you can actually sleep on the balcony, under the sky,”  says Kent Lindvall at Treehotel. “There are no mosquitoes ten meters up in the air, you know.”

Room 7 at Lapland’s Treehotel, written by Admin

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