Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen

Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen

Maya Bjørnsten fell in love with rough diamonds the day her husband returned from Antwerp, Belgium with hundreds of photos of these precious stones. Maya’s passion grew quickly and literally out of the blue into a self-taught jewelry designer, and she created

“It’s hard to be perfect, actually it’s impossible. Yet we constantly chase it, and it’s exhausting,” says Maya Bjørnsten.

Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen
Rough diamond bracelet on top of loose stones

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Not the perfect shape
The diamonds are not the “perfect” shape, but they are perfect to Maya. Each diamond has its own vibrancy and lustre for life. To cut it is to change its very personality.

Through her exceptional network, Maya has the possibility to handpick the rough stones, before they would normally be cut and polished. It is really important to Maya to find unique stones, which are complete in their own shape. To create the perfect design, natural shapes, colors and spark are her main criteria when choosing the stones.

Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen
Creative director, designer and founder Maya Bjørnsten

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“Imagine if we could be happy with our own imperfections and accept imperfections in others? That’s when we are happiest,” she says.

Mother Nature is Maya’s chief designer
That’s why Maya made Mother Nature her chief designer, and instead focused on choosing the absolute best quality diamonds. It’s not Maya’s passion for Danish design that makes unique. It’s her hands, her eyes, her head and, of course, her heart. Instead of focussing on the cut of the diamonds, Maya relies on her touch, discerning vision and experience to choose the diamonds that are special enough to love just the way they are.

Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen
The diamonds are not the “perfect” shape, but they are perfect to Maya

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It is Maya’s vision to bring attention to these beautiful untouched stones and for people to fall in love with them, just the way Mother Nature created them millions of years ago.

Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen
Through her exceptional network, Maya has the possibility to handpick the rough stones

Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen
Imperfection is interesting. Imperfection is personality, it’s character, it’s human. Leonard Cohen famously said, “There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”. I couldn’t agree more. Love it like it is. only deals with diamonds, which have been purchased from legitimate sources and in compliance with UN resolutions.

Rough Diamonds from Copenhagen, written by Tor Kjolberg


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