Rules and Attitudes about Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes in Norway

Rules and Attitudes about Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes in Norway

With its beautiful fjords, northern lights, and stunning natural landscapes, Norway attracts numerous tourists yearly. However, for those who enjoy vaping or electronic cigarettes, it is important to know the rules and attitudes toward these activities in this Scandinavian country. Read more about rules and attitudes about vaping and electronic cigarettes in Norway

Vaping & Electronic Cigarettes in Norway

In Norway, the attitude towards vaping and electronic cigarettes is rather conservative and cautious. Authorities aim to reduce tobacco and nicotine consumption, including vaping. In 2018, a law was introduced in the country prohibiting the advertising and sale of electronic cigarettes with flavours that could appeal to young people.

Rules and Attitudes about Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes in Norway
The sale of nicotine-containing liquids in Norway is restricted to those with a medical prescription.

Additionally, the sale of nicotine-containing liquids is restricted to those with a medical prescription. This makes access to nicotine products more limited compared to some other countries.

According to information from Norwegian news published in Moja Norway on July 2nd, the Ministry of Health of Norway has introduced a bill aimed at regulating electronic cigarettes in light of the increasing number of young people in the EU resorting to the use of electronic cigarettes.

The essence of the proposal includes the following measures:

  1. Ban on adding flavourings other than tobacco to electronic cigarette liquids. This proposal is based on similar principles already in effect in countries such as Finland and Denmark.
  2. Introduction of standardized packaging for electronic cigarettes and similar products. Similar rules are already in place in other countries like Denmark and the Netherlands.

In addition, the Ministry of Health is suggesting some minor changes to the legislation, including:

  • A clear prohibition on restricting smoking to account for new types of tobacco products emerging in the market.
  • A ban on the visible display of tobacco products.
  • Introduction of consistency to ensure compliance with existing rules.

This bill was presented by the government on June 9th and will be reviewed by the Parliamentary Committee on Health. After its approval by parliament, the revised rules will come into effect.

Rules for Tourists Who Vape in Norway

Rules and Attitudes about Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes in Norway.
Vaping in public places such as cafes, restaurants, and public transport is prohibited.

If you are a tourist planning to visit Norway and vape, you must know the following rules:

  1. Vaping in public places, such as cafes, restaurants, public transportation, and other public buildings, is strictly prohibited in Norway. This rule applies to both nicotine-containing and nicotine-free products without a prescription.
  2. Some hotels and rented apartments may have rules that prohibit vaping indoors. It is recommended to inquire about this before making accommodation reservations.
  3. Selling or providing vapes to minors is considered a crime and is punishable by law.
  4. To purchase nicotine products, including vape e-liquids, you may require a special document.
  5. Advertising of vapes and electronic cigarettes is prohibited in Norway.
Rules and Attitudes about Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes in Norway
Vaping has become an alternative to traditional cigarettes and, in some cases, has helped reduce the number of smokers in Norway.

Places to Buy Vapes and Vape Accessories

In Norway, there are several vape shops where you can purchase vapes and related products. However, as mentioned earlier, you may require documents to buy nicotine-containing products. You can also order e-cigs from online vaping shops in Norway. Besides physical stores, you can also order vape products online and have them delivered to your place of residence.

Norway is a beautiful and unique country, but vapers and enthusiasts of electronic cigarettes should adhere to strict rules and restrictions related to nicotine consumption and vaping. Respecting local laws and norms is crucial to avoid legal issues and ensure an enjoyable travel experience in this wonderful country.

Despite the limitations, Norway remains an excellent destination for enjoying nature. Tourists, including vapers, can savour the unique natural beauty of this country, provided they follow local rules and respect the laws. Remember that health and safety should always be a top priority, regardless of where you are.

Rules and Attitudes about Vaping and Electronic Cigarettes in Norway is written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian by Dennis Forman. Dennis is a journalist, PR, and an experienced vaper with a mission to help smokers quit tobacco smoking due to his informative and helpful articles. Every word he puts down about fighting against cigarette addiction comes from his life experience and is learned from the school of hard knocks. He is also a professional writer, and a person who is willing to share his comprehensive knowledge of vaping.

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