Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again

376 rooms, 1500 square meters fitness center and spa and conference department with a capacity of 1200 people. In the summer of 2022, the traditional Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel makes impactful reopening. Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again.

The renovation of the hotel is under the auspices of Eiendomsspar, Rica Eiendom and Scandic, and when it opens in June 2022, both tradition and modern solutions will be combined and capacity will be significantly increased. In total, approximately 36,000 square meters are being renovated, and the number of beds will be increased by 304.

The hotel at the top of Oslo will consist of 376 fantastic rooms and suites, of which 27 will be located in the unique Dragon Building. The modern conference area will have a capacity of up to 1200 people, and in addition, the hotel will offer a new à la carte restaurant and bar, a well-stocked wine cellar and a spa area with swimming pool. Those who want to exercise can frolic on 1100 square meters of exercise facilities.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again
The number of beds will be increased by 304. Here from one of the suites.

«There will be something for everyone here. The hotel is perfectly located for those who love nature, and the view of the city and the fjord is unique. Here you can exercise and make use of wellness facilities, or simply drop by for a bite to eat with friends or your partner», says hotel director Kristian Fredrik Mehus.

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Unique hotel
The hotel is located next to the national monument, Holmenkollen ski jump, and you can easily get there using the metro, which runs several times an hour. Scandic Holmenkollen Park has a unique and exciting history that extends over 127 years, and this will be cultivated and refined when the hotel now has a newer and more modern look.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again
«There will be something for everyone here”, says hotel director Kristian Fredrik Mehus

«This is the city hotel in the forest, it is national history and it is the main hall at the top of Oslo. There is art history on the walls and great architecture. There are no other hotels like Scandic Holmenkollen Park, and now I am very much looking forward to opening the doors to the public», says Mehus – and adds that they are aimed at both local, national and international guests.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park extends over nine buildings, and one of those that is now undergoing an extensive “makeover” is the main building. The lobby and à la carte restaurant will form the center of the building, and with a large, open fireplace, this will be a natural gathering place for guests. The hotel’s unique history and many art treasures will also be highlighted.

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Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again
From the spa area

City hotel by the forested and hilly areas surrounding Oslo
“Here you will find adventurous tapestries by Gerhard Munthe and paintings you would otherwise have to visit the National Gallery to experience. History and art will play an important role in the newly restored hotel, and tells the colorful story of a hotel that has been visited by some of the world’s greatest artists throughout the years”, says Mehus – and highlights Edvard Dirik’s picture “Seterhytte i Nordmarka” from 1888 .

“This is a unique picture that has been exhibited here for over 100 years, and before that at Holmenkollen Turisthotell. It represents in many ways the hotel’s DNA, and is one of the few objects that were rescued from the fire in 1895. It will have a prominent location in the main building, and in the same way as the cottage in the picture, Scandic Holmenkollen Park will be a comfortable and safe place to seek refuge», he continues.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again
Inside the main building

There are also great expectations attached to the renovation of the Dragon Building, which is considered one of the main works in the Norwegian dragon style. The architectural gem will, in addition to accommodating state-of-the-art conference facilities, include 27 fantastic rooms and suites and a wine cellar. Together, the offer and all the various elements will contribute to making Scandic Holmenkollen Park a unique and continental metropolitan hotel right on the border with the countryside.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again
Bedroom in one of the suites

The proximity to nature and the exceptional views give the buildings and the experience a very special setting. «Staying here should be an experience you do not get anywhere else. This beautiful and traditional hotel will shine again. We will make sure that guests will fall in love with the unique product we are about to create», says Mehus.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park opens in June 2022.

Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel In Oslo Will Soon Shine Again, a press release from Scandic Hotels Norway

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