Only in Scandinavia


Scandinavia is exotic, exciting, special and worth a visit. Here you may experience destinations and events not to be found nowhere else in the world.

Sami culture
The nomadic Sami still base their calendar and culture around ancient reindeer-herding traditions.

Swedish Lappland
In Swedish Lappland, about 200 kilometers north of the Polar Circle in the small town of Jukkasjärvi, you will find the world’s largest hotel made solely by snow and ice.


Scandinavian style
From Volvo cars and Arne Jacobsen chairs to Moods of Norway fashion, the success of Nordic design is a global phenomenon.


Christiania, Copenhagen
A fascinating social experiment, the “Free City” is open to curious visitors.


Father Christmas
Several places in Scandinavia claim Santa Claus as their own. Every year tons of letters to Father Christmas are received from all over the world from children with their X-mas wishes.


Norwegian Stave churches
Two of the most striking of these ancient wooden churches are at Urnes at the west coast and the Heddal in Telemark.

These are some of the attractions you will find only in Scandinavia.

Photo: Tor Kjolberg
Photo: Tor Kjolberg