Scandinavian Butik

Scandinavian Butik

Americans don’t need to fill their suitcases with all their favorite food, candy and design after a trip to Norway, Sweden or Denmark. US-based Scandinavian Butik is there to lighten the load.

In 2010, Marianne Beresford and her long-time friend Doris Levene opened a store in Wilton, Connecticut called the Scandinavian Butik. Beresford moved from Denmark to the United States in 1984. And even though Beresford loves living in the United States, she said she was missing her home country, especially around the holidays.

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The Holiday collection is important

Scandinavian Butik
Founders Doris Levene (left) and Marianne Beresford (right). Photo: Erik Trautmann/The Hour

With a huge range of cheeses, meats, breads and condiments as well as local favorites such as Anthon Berg and Freja chocolate and Haribo candy available in-store and online, this is the most convenient way to stock up.

“Our holiday collection is very important because there is a large population of Scandinavians around the area,” Beresford says. “And I know that they want things that comfort them around Christmas time — things they grew up with.”

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Sells items year-round

Scandinavian Butik
In 2010, Marianne Beresford and her long-time friend Doris Levene opened the store in Wilton, Connecticut

Scandinavian Butik also carries gifts from some of Scandinavia’s best design brands including Stelton, Royal Copenhagen, Ekelund and more.

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Beresford said the butik also sells items year-round, not only for Scandinavians, but anyone that likes unique and interesting ceramics and furniture.

Scandinavian Butik
Scandinavian butik, Wilton – Connecticut.

“We sell a lot of glass items from Sweden, which are beautiful,” she said. “We have a lot of Danish ceramics and wood furniture. We have a lot of interesting things you can’t get anywhere else.”

Scandinavian Butik, written by Tor Kjolberg


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