Scandinavian Kitchen: Ideas to Achieve the Nordic Aesthetic

Scandinavian Kitchen: Ideas to Achieve the Nordic Aesthetic

If your heart wants a clutter-free and modern cooking space, then the Scandi kitchen will surely be suitable for you. Scandinavian kitchens have something very appealing, and you will surely recognize them instantly. Continue reading and learn more about Scandinavian kitchen: Ideas to achieve the Nordic aesthetic.

Clean lines, natural materials and a minimalist aesthetic are the defining features of this type of cooking space. However, the look also benefits from a warmer and softer edge, as the design is also made to stand against the bitter climate of the Nordic winters. So, in a Scandinavian house, you will see warm woods, cozy textiles, and a calming color scheme.

Scandinavian kitchens have greatly increased in popularity in the last few years and have become an essential part of any interior design. While the trend for the Scandinavian style might seem new, it actually isn’t, as it dates back to the 1950s. The Scandi design took America and Europe by storm by the mid-20th century, alongside the rise in popularity of modernism. The Scandi kitchen has an iconic look with a timeless appeal, which is why it has become famous worldwide.

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If you want a Scandi kitchen, here are the best ideas to achieve one.

Choose a limed wood for an instant Scandi charm

Wood kitchen cabinets need to be present in a Scandinavian house. And if you want to achieve the ultimate Scandi-look, then you must consider limed wood. Liming gives a bright white-washed finish perfect for the minimalist aesthetic and the pale color scheme in Scandinavian houses. Beside the improved look, liming will also maintain a warm appearance of the grain and will protect the wood better.

Scandinavian Kitchen: Ideas to Achieve the Nordic Aesthetic
Scandinavian limed wood kitchen: Photo: KBB Focus.

Focus on a welcoming design

Scandinavian kitchens are functional spaces with a laidback feel that encourages visitors and inhabitants to unwind and feel at ease. The Scandi style focuses on making your house cozy, calm and inviting. Most Scandi homes combine wooden textures, muted tones, and pops of color and nature with the help of house plants and textiles. The kitchen units also play an essential part in the Scandinavian kitchen, and you should focus on ones that look warm and have wood features. You can find many models at Kitchen Warehouse Ltd, so make sure you take a look if you want to change your old kitchen units with some Scandi-inspired ones.

Stick to a serene color scheme

A minimal color scheme is vital to create a relaxing, calm sanctuary that epitomizes Scandi style. You can choose a white kitchen as your base and add other accents with greens, blues, and creams for a bright, serene, and airy kitchen. Gold accents and lighter woods will unify the look and introduce warmth to your space.

Layer chopping boards

Focus on warmth if you want to add a Sandi appeal to your kitchen. You can use a contemporary darker metal feature and contrast it with warm wood, as this combination will instantly give off a Scandi feel. Plus, this feature can be done easily, as you can combine jars with a black metal clasp and chunky wooden chopping boards. Choose your chopping boards in a light color scheme, such as whites, soft beiges or subtle greens.

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Scandinavian Kitchen: Ideas to Achieve the Nordic Aesthetic
A seating area will ooze the cosy conviviality for which the Scandinavians are known. Photo: The Sprice/Fantastic Frank

Create a seating area

A seating area will ooze the cosy conviviality for which the Scandinavians are known. Ensure you add plenty of blankets, cushions, and carefully placed candles to bring in a hygge feature. You can also use this area to invite your friends and have some fun moments together.

Add warmth with the help of an exposed brick

Warmth is the main characteristic of Scandi interiors, which provides an inviting indoor space where you can find refuge from the long and cold winters of the region. So, you can use exposed brick or a wallpaper equivalent that will bring texture and character to your space and warm things up, thus preventing your space from looking too cold. Displaying rough handcrafted stoneware and throwing down a cozy rug will also make your cooking space feel more hygge, homely and nourishing.

Display the items you use everyday

Nordic interiors are known for their streamlined and minimalistic style, which can be achieved with a few clever storage solutions. For example, you can take advantage of your racks and shelves and display the items you use every day. Shelves are a great place for storing plenty of products, including crockery and coffee or tea mugs. You can place on your racks chopping boards and hang mugs so that you will have easy access when you need them.

Also, hanging cooking utensils is a great way to make your kitchen look more homey. Moreover, it will also free up the space inside your kitchen cupboards.

Bring the outside in

Scandi kitchen ideas, and all the Scandi styles in general, promote nature’s beauty. So, if you want a kitchen inspired from the Nordic countries you will need to bring as much of the outside in your house. If you can’t make major changes to your cooking space, you can use a botanical wallpaper instead. Kitchen wallpaper ideas are a fantastic addition to a Scandinavian kitchen, as it brings texture, color and life to your place.

Scandinavian Kitchen: Ideas to Achieve the Nordic Aesthetic
Scandinavian kitchens have greatly increased in popularity in the last few years and have become an essential part of any interior design. Photo: Oppolia

Consider wood flooring for extra warmth

After the walls, the flooring has the largest area in a room, so it has a powerful impact on the feel and look of the space. Regarding Scandinavian kitchens, the best idea is wood flooring, as it will add instant character and warmth to your space. It might be good to choose a bright color that will reflect the natural light and provide a warmer feeling to your space. However, because we are talking about a kitchen, you need to consider practicality as the main feature.

So, always look for something less susceptible to wear and tear, as this will enhance the longevity of the wood flooring and reduce the risk of shrinking and swelling.

Are you ready to achieve the Nordic aesthetic with these ideas?

Scandinavian Kitchen: Ideas to Achieve the Nordic Aesthetic, written for Daily Scandinavian by Mary Hall.

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