Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention

Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention

We absolutely love when people love our content so we were beyond honored to be awarded the 2021 Global Choice Award as the most promising Travel & Tourist Magazine of the year by Xel Research, India. Almost simultaneously we go a call from England, announcing that we had won the prize Best Travel Guide of the Year from Corporate Live Wire. No doubt about it, after the launch in May, Scandinavian Monthly is indeed getting attention.

Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention
SCANDINAVIAN Monthly – First issue front page

The letter informing us that we will receive the Global Choice award has simply overwhelmed me. It is with deep gratitude that I accept the honor. We were also beyond honored to be contacted by Corporate Live Wire, announcing that we’ve been awarded the Prestige Award of the year. “The judges were impressed with your personal touch, consistency of reviews and community feel. The passion for what you do really comes across and I hope this achievement brings more success in 2021,” said Rocky Singh at CLW.

We’re not going to hide it. We’re pretty excited about our new magazine. Our aim is to give our readers information on new travel destinations, the latest in fashion, music and food & drink etc. Columns emphasizing on business, people, design and much more will hopefully over time make SCANDINAVIAN monthly one of the most read Scandinavian magazines out there.

“At first, I thought that this magazine would be like the other basic travel magazines. However, I was proved wrong when I read the magazine and realized how great they had covered aspects from providing advice on best hotels to the history of astonishing landscapes in Scandinavian countries,” wrote Richard Foster, one of our new subscribers.

Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention
The Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized enterprises

The Corporate LiveWire platform provides business professionals and individuals in the corporate sector with information on the latest news and developments from around the globe. The Prestige Awards celebrates small and medium-sized enterprises consisting of localized businesses and sole traders, excelling in their market.

Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention
The Prestige Award celebration will be held in Bristol, England later this year

Due to the pandemic the award celebration will take place in Bristol later this year.

Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention
SWCANDINAVIAN Monthly awarded the Scandinavian Prestige Awards

Xel Research (A unit of Xel Research Media Pvt. Ltd.) is a Market Research and Brand Consultancy and one of the leading companies in India. As the name suggests, the company creates iconic brands by use of a unique blend of insights, innovation, market research strategy, design, and analytic skills.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones excited about our new magazine. Watch for awards and notable mentions for both Daily Scandinavian and the Scandinavian Monthly Magazine. We promise to do our best to receive such acclaim by continuously sharing informative, entertaining and useful insights about Scandinavian destinations, attractions and issues

Scandinavian Monthly is Getting Attention
The Global Choice Award

A humble thank you to the above-mentioned research companies and our faithful readers.

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Tor Kjolberg, Editor-in-Chief.


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