Scandinavian Omelet


Thick omelet with tomatoes, chives and bacon. Serve with toasted rye bread, which is a completely different thing untoasted.

The toasting brings out the caramel flavor. Leftovers are eaten the day after as a topping for open sandwiches.

In a thick iron pan, fry the bacon in the butter until crisp. Remove the bacon.

Beat the eggs and then add them to the pan and fry in the bacon fat and butter. As soon as the eggs start to get stiff, lift the edges of omelet and tilt the pan so more runny eggs goes underneath.

Arrange the tomato and potato slices on the omelet. Fry until the egg is still gooey and then let the heat from the pan do the rest of the cooking.

Scatter with chives and serve immediately with the bacon.

12 bacon rashers
50g butter
12 eggs
3-4 tomatoes, sliced
Maybe a few sliced boiled potatoes
Large bunch of chives, finely cut

Serves 4

Scandinavian omelet: Enjoy! Greetings from Admin