Scandinavian Places in a Nutshell

Small boat with two persons on Norwegian fjord

Whether you’re in a car or coach, on a bicycle, boat or train, on foot or on skis, the Scandinavian countries have an enormous variety of sights and scenery to beguile the visitor.

Denmark is neatly beautiful with its white sand beaches, well-groomed farmland, gentle hills and fairytale castles. Chilled-out Copenhagen is a particularly enjoyable capital with pedestrianized streets, pavement cafés, superb shops and entertainment.

Scandinavian Places in a Nutshell
From Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Every Danish town has its museum and art gallery, every castle its collection. Remote from the rest of Denmark lie the Faroe Islands, a birdwatcher’s paradise, and Greenland, a terrific adventure destination.

Norway is made up of mountains etched with beautiful fjords and dramatic valleys. From the southern beaches, the coastline stretches right into the Arctic Circle, dotted with islands, fishing villages and historic towns like Bergen.

Scandinavian Places in a Nutshell
The Oslo Opera House at dusk, with the illuminated Havnelageret building to the right – Oslo, Norway

Inland, the rugged landscape beckons walkers and skiers. The capital, Oslo, offers every city delight, with forests in its doorstep.

A short drive from Copenhagen brings you to southern Sweden’s gentle farmland and sunny islands. At the country’s heart lie two vast lakes, Vänern and Vättern, linked by the Göta Kanal, a pleasure-boaters’ mecca.

Further north, the folklore province of Dalarne gives way to lakes and forests, winter sports centers and rugged Lapland.

Scandinavian Places in a Nutshell
From Stockholm

Stockholm floats majestically on 14 islands, probably the most sophisticated of Scandinavia’s capitals.

Feature image (on top): Small boat with two persons on Norwegian fjord

Scandinavian Places in a Nutshell, written by Tor Kjolberg