Scandinavia’s Emerging 2022 Design Trends

Scandinavia’s Emerging 2022 Design Trends

Scandinavia has been at the forefront of interior and architectural design for many years. Many prolific designers and architects are native to this region. As time goes forward and the world evolves, trends evolve along with it. Design acts as a reflection of the time we’re in. This is evident in the emerging 2022 trends. After a difficult year of unprecedented experiences, this next year’s design embraces colors, materials, and styles that induce a feeling of comfort and security. Learn more about Scandinavia’s emerging 2022 design trends

 Popular materials this year include light woods, concrete elements, and brass. Light-colored wood is a Scandinavian classic. But it will not just be used for flooring. Wood elements on walls and ceilings will usher in this new trend. To pair with the wood, concrete continues to be a popular choice.

Scandinavia’s Emerging 2022 Design Trends
Concrete is not just stylish, but sustainable as well. Photo: Paul Povoroznuk / Unsplash

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Concrete is not just stylish, but sustainable as well. With the looming climate crisis, using sustainable materials is a focus in the region. For increased sustainability, recycling concrete from older projects is an excellent method. Many concrete removal companies offer old pieces to be reused and made into something new. For a contrasting material, copper is out and brass is in. Brass is similar to gold but more muted. Brass hardware, faucets, and showerheads are becoming more and more popular. The metal’s color pairs well with other materials and offers a warm glow to your space.

 The colors of this next year evoke security and comfort, two feelings the world is much in need of. Navy blue is an emerging trend for accent walls and furniture. Designers are saying navy blue is the new black. This dark blue creates an elegant feel, without being as dark and dreary as black. In terms of furniture, navy velvet or suede upholstery has seen an uptick in sales. A contrasting color, burnt oranges, and reds are also making an appearance. These rustic colors are warm and bright. Think of the red desert of Morocco or the United States.

Scandinavia’s Emerging 2022 Design Trends
Navy blue is an emerging trend for accent walls and furniture. Photo: Tom Podmore / Unsplash

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Lastly, neutral creams, off-whites, and tans continue to be a popular choice. These colors in knit and woven forms are a comfortable classic. Nothing feels quite as inviting as a big beige blanket. Neutral touches in contrast with the brass, light wood, and concrete materials create a feeling of sophistication merged with comfort. Concrete can feel cold without a plush cream rug. These combinations generate an environment of intimacy and closeness.

 In terms of styles, there are a few options coming into the limelight this next year. The first is a vintage style. Vintage style or Art Deco as some call it, has been popular in the past. Its re-emergence comes with some modern updates. Though fairly similar to its original art deco roots, this trend is paired with contemporary materials and textures. Chunky woven threads and wicker textiles are a fitting touch that adds contrast while also maintaining a sense of unity.

Aside from the vintage style, sustainable modern design is another popular style for 2022. The up-and-coming materials for this next year focus on what’s already available. Due to the environmental crises we are facing, designers have begun to transition towards reusing materials. Recycled plastics, glass, and ceramics have become foundations of new pieces in furniture, textiles, and decorations. Inviting the environment into the home through sustainable textiles blends style and eco-design. The idea of environmental design is to create harmony between the interior aesthetic of the home and the exterior aesthetic of the natural world. As Scandinavia is at the forefront of sustainability efforts, it is only natural that they bring it into the home design space.

Scandinavia’s Emerging 2022 Design Trends
Vintage style or Art Deco as some call it, has been popular in the past. Its re-emergence comes with some modern updates. Photo: Mael Balland / Unsplash

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Scandinavia’s Emerging 2022 Design Trends – In Review
 In 2022 we should expect to see a wave of ecological and natural materials inside the home. Raw woods, concrete, and brass are the foundation elements of the home with navy, burnt orange, and cream/beige as accompanying colors. Interior designs and furniture choices will reflect the world around us. Designers are hopeful that the growing popularity of environmentally friendly materials will encourage homeowners to approach decorating their homes in an ecological way. Scandinavia has already made great strides in terms of sustainable living with major reductions in electricity and energy use. The interior aspect is simply a natural next step in the process. 2022 will be an exciting year for design, and perhaps some new, unforeseen trends will come up as well.

Scandinavia’s Emerging 2022 Design Trends
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