Sensational Concert in Norway


For the first time, a European Concert of the Berliner Philharmoniker will take place in Norway, or more precisely: in a beautiful Baroque church in the mining town of Røros, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Berlin Phiharmonic Orchestra’s enthusiasm about the German-Norwegian mining history has resulted in a tailor made symphonic festive day in the Norwegian mountains.

Location: Berlin, Germany Architect: Hans Scharoun Year of Completion: 1963 Hans Scharoun started the trend of "vineyard" seating in 1963, when his design for Berlin's Philharmoniker concert hall was completed. In an attempt to involve the audience in the concert, Scharoun designed the hall so that seating surrounded the orchestraÑrejecting the previous norm of "shoe box" arrangements in which audiences sat directly in front of the musicians. Since then, many of the world's concert halls, including Jean Nouvel's upcoming Philharmonie de Paris (which will be completed in 2012) and Frank Gehry's Walt Disney Concert Hall have adopted this kind of seating. Some say the circular shape makes the concert-going experience more intimate and less hierarchical. "The room shape is more flexible and the layout is more informal," says Nagata Acoustics' Toyota.

Simon Rattle will conduct the orchestra, playing works by Edvard Grieg, Felix Mendelssohn and Ludvig van Beethoven.  The soloist in Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor will be the young Norwegian Vilde Frang, who is not only a wonderful virtuoso, but also “has the knack of breathing life into every note” (BBC Music Magazine).

Vilde Frang Photo: Marco Borggreve
Vilde Frang
Photo: Marco Borggreve

The event will take place on May 1 and unfortunately there are no tickets left. However, music lovers all over the world can experience the concerts via television.

May 1 is considered the birthday of the Berlin Philharmoniker. On that day in 1882 the musicians revolted against an autocratic owner and took responsibility for the operation and musical development of the orchestra.

The capasity of Bergstaden Ziir, is about 850 seats
The capasity of Bergstaden Ziir, is about 850 seats

Last year the birthday event was a concert in Acropolis, Athens.

Sensational Concert in Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg