Serve Norwegian Fish at Your Outdoor Barbecue

Serve Norwegian Fish at Your Outdoor Barbecue

Barbecuing fish is not a newfangled idea. We humans have been grilling food on sticks over flames or glowing embers since the discovery of heat. The modern summertime way to cook fish is by means of charcoal or gas-fired grill, so serve Norwegian fish at your outdoor barbecue this summer.

Provided we are careful, the results can be very successful. There is no other method of cooking that retains the taste of the fish and the natural juices so well. It’s a jolly good thing that all Norwegian fish varieties make excellent grill food. Just try for yourself.

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Serve Norwegian Fish at Your Outdoor Barbecue
Norwegian salmon tandoori with asparagus. Photo: From Norway
Food out in the open
Automation is at the forefront in everyday cuisine. Our modern ovens are equipped with hotplates that can “think”, are thermostatically controlled and are very quick. The latest cookers even have digital control. Perhaps that is why so many of us derive great satisfaction from preparing food in a more primitive fashion – out in the open.

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During the long summer evenings we like to gather round the grill – out in the garden or on the patio, down on the beach or in the woods – during the week with family or friends, or on excursion into the countryside.

Serve Norwegian Fish at Your Outdoor Barbecue
You have probably made the discovery that Norwegians (especially the men folk) love to barbecue – and now, we have also started to grill more good food from the sea.

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Serve Norwegian Fish at Your Outdoor Barbecue, written by the Daily Scandinavian team.

Feature image (on top): Ch Ranno Karel/From Nusfjord, Northern Norway/VisitNorway



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