Skiing in Sälen – Sweden

Skiing in Sälen - Sweden

The snowy region Sälen within driving distance of Stockholm has gentle slopes and welcoming cabins deep in the forest offering waffles and more. Skiing in Sälen – Sweden- should be on all skiers’ bucking list.

With 830 meters, Stöten has the highest altitude in all of Sälen mountains. This is where you can enjoy the combo of great skiing and snow, as well as a stunning view over the Swedish and Norwegian mountain landscape.

You’ll find slopes for everyone – from easy bunny-slopes to steep and more challenging ones. At Stöten, all accommodation is in close proximity to the ski system, so the only transportation you’ll need during your stay is skis and ski lifts.

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Sälen is the largest ski resort in Sweden and consists of several areas: Kläppen, Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen, Hundfjället and Stöten.

If you want a real special experience, head for Hemfjället, 850 meters above sea level and Hämfjällsstugan. The only way to get there is by snowmobile or cross-country skis. You’re only served soups, waffles and fika, but feel the atmosphere in a cabin without central water or electricity!

Skiing in Sälen – Sweden
The only way to get to Hämfjällstugaan is by snowmobile or cross-country skis.

Hemfjällsstugan is lit entirely by candles and oil lamps. The dining area is a series of wooden tables and benches, a counter and a small chalkboard menu: waffles with homemade strawberry jam, waffles with homemade blueberry jam, and waffles with homemade cloudberry jam and soup of the day.

Stöten offers a total of 50 slopes with different degree of difficulty, suitable for all ages and with or without previous skiing experience. At least one of the slopes is guaranteed to become your new favorite!

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Skiing in Sälen – Sweden
Slope map of Sälen

Regardless age and previous skiing experience, ski lessions make you a better skier. Professional ski instructors are trained in both ski technique and pedagogics and can quickly pinpoint what you can improve with your skiing.

In Stöten you’ll find up to 45 kilometers of cross-country skiing tracks, both down in the valley and up on the mountain peak. Enjoy cross-country skiing with both the Swedish and the Norwegian mountain landscape as backdrop.

One thing you shouldn’t miss in Stöten is morning skiing when you can be almost alone in the slopes. Take the first lift up while the rest of the resort is still asleep and get access to the slopes before everyone else. And why not extend the ski day with night skiing?

Skiing in Sälen - Sweden
Ski lift in Sälen. Photo: Stena Line

Read more about Stöten’s morning and night skiing here.

Högfjället is the highest located part of Sälen with few slopes but a very nice hotel and a major hangout place for after ski and party.

In Tandådalen and Hundfjället you will find the steepest slopes but also good slopes for families and beginners. Loads of activities for children and teenagers and never quiet. A big dreampark with jumps, rails and halfpipes is available and very popular.

The best reason to get to the top of the Hundfjället mountain is possibly to eat. There’s almost always a sit-down restaurant at the peak, with menus that are local, seasonal and prepared by French-trained chefs.

Skiing in Sälen - Sweden
Sunset and snow in Sälen. Photo: Wikipedia

However, every area in Sälen has its unique character and they are all worth a visit. The areas are located in line with the mountain. When you arrive at Sälen you first arrive at Kläppen, then Sälen village with all facilities, and then the rest of the ski resorts.

Kläppen is the warmest and sunniest part of Sälen, located at lowest altitude. There are several long and winding pistes that suit both adults and children, cozy chalets, restaurants and access to cross-country tracks.

Skiing in Sälen - Sweden
From Hundfjellet. Photo: Skistar

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Lindvallen is the family paradise which is perfect for children. Many green and blue pistes. The children love the enormous snow man that is created at the top of the mountain. The snow coverage is reliable and snow cannons are available in most parts.

Restaurant Sälen Original, just look for a building looking like a gingerbread house, is a good place for dinner.

Skiing in Sälen - Sweden
From Stöten

Stören is where you can enjoy the combo of great skiing and snow, as well as a stunning view over the Swedish and Norwegian mountain landscape. You’ll find slopes for everyone -from easy bunny-slopes to steep and more challenging ones.

The mountains in Sälen aren’t intimidating; they’re what you would get if you sanded the top of the Alps down to smooth, endless hills. At the bottom they’re blanketed in forest, but there are no trees at the summit, so you can ski down in almost every direction. The slopes are mostly gentle, and there are trails for every level skier, cross-country skier and snowboarder.

If you feel like some fun during the evening or just want to rest for a day there are so many activities to do in Sälen, both for kids and adults.

Skiing in Sälen - Sweden
From Tandadalen. Photo: Skistar

The relationship between dark and light starts to play tricks on you in this part of Sweden, where the sun goes down around 3 p.m. in December. Long, menacing shadows start to follow you around by lunchtime, reminding you that your ski day is on a clock (although many slopes have lights). The sky swims between dusty pink, faded yellow and icy blue.

Skiing in Sälen – Sweden, compiled by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): © Magasinet Sälen


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