Sleek Norwegian Spiral Stair


Last summer architect Tron Meyer (31) launched his spiral stair Risa Meyer, made from Norwegian wood and produced in Norway.

The design has made it possible to replace steel and concrete with a more sustainable alternative, high quality wood.

In a time where most stairs are made from standard materials like steel and concrete produced outside Norway, a Norwegian spiral stair is indeed very uncommon.

The Rita Meyer stair is beautiful, made from sustainably harvested wood and certainly elegant.

“We looked at conventions like the narrow part of the step along the core, and asked ourselves how we could make it into a valuable part of our design,” explains Tron Mayer. “The staircase has become a balanced dialogue between absolute needs of function and an optimal construction using wood,” he adds.

The stair is offered in two wooden materials, spruce or oak, produced at Massiv Lust in Luster at the West coast of Norway, who won the 2014 Nordic Wood Award. The Nordic Wood Prize was created in 2014 and awarded by the Association of Nordic Wooden Towns, a Nordic cooperation between Nordic cities to promote modern urban development with wooden houses.

Wooden Prize 2014
Wooden Prize 2014

The Nordic Wooden Towns project – a success story and a kick off for further regional co-operation The Nordic countries including Iceland and Denmark (on behalf of the Faroe Islands and Greenland) were very much involved in the Nordic Wooden Towns project carried out in 1970-1972. The common concern was the rapid economic change in the 1960s and 70s and the planners’ visions of the modern urban environment. The small wooden towns very typical of the Nordic countries were threatened. Only a few historic areas had attained conservation area status such as Kyrkbacken in Västerås, Sweden, Old Stavanger in Norway and Old Århus in Denmark.

Massive Lust AS is a Norwegian start-up solid wood manufacturer, producing cross-glued solid wood. In 2013 the company moved into a new production hall at Granden in Gaupne in Luster Municipality, built in solid wood.

From left: Project Manager Hans Andrén in association Nordic cities, laureate Jørgen Tycho in Massive Lust, Johanna Kairi, Holzindustrie Schweighofer GmbH and Chairman Vesa Juntilla in association Nordic cities. Photo: Knut Werner Lindeberg Alsén, Byggeindustrien.

Whether you want to call the stair a sculpture or anything else, it’s very functional and will be even more beautiful after years of use.

Sleek Norwegian Spiral Stair, written by Tor Kjolberg