Snapshots From Norway

Snapshots From Norway

The Berlin-based Norwegian photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby (b. 1978) has won critical acclaim for its streetwear aesthetic that offers an alternative to today’s overconsumption. In 1997, he began making fashion imagery for high-profile international stylists. His work has been shown at notable galleries world-wide, from the Whitechapel Art Galley in London to the KunstWerke in Berlin and the Fotogalleriet in Oslo. In this article we share with you some of his private snapshots from Norway.

Bernjamin grew up outside Oslo in Norway. He came to Chelsea School of Art in London to study Fine Art in 1997 and began making fashion imagery for Dazed & Confused magazine. Since then, he has gone on to work with high-profile stylists including Nicola Formichetti, Katy England, Alister Mackie, Cathy Edwards, Mattias Karlsson and Jane How. He has contributed to i-D, Vogue (US and UK), V, V Man, AnOther Magazine, AnOther Man, Pop, Arena Homme + and Self Service.

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Sehrat Isik and Huseby met on a Berlin dance floor in 2015. Isik is Turkish and German, while Huseby is Norwegian and Pakistani. Isik had just left a Berlin-based collective Bless, where he was in charge of menswear design, and Huseby was working as a freelance fashion photographer, shooting for Fantastic Man, i-D, Vogue, Acne Paper and Harper’s Bazaar.

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They founded GmbH together, and their stockists include Barneys New York , SSense and Dover Street Market.

Snapshots From Norway
“Mushrooms are not something to play with”, says Alexander

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The Berlin-based fashion sensation takes its cues from the German capital’s club culture, but it’s the glory of nature that excites Benjamin more than anything else. Here, he dives into his archive overflowing with memories of his home country, Norway. It’s a picture-perfect universe of self-picked food, lead red farms and barns, hikes, canoe trips and skiing to school.

Snapshots From Norway
“This farm with its typical red barn is very close to where I grew up”, says Alexander

“I love Berlin but I just wish I could step out into a beautiful garden instead of on a city street,” says Benjamin.

Snapshots From Norway
“This is me. My mom took this picture.”
Snapshots From Norway
Mushrooms, from his book Weeds & Aliens

“I made a book called Weeds & Aliens of all these edible plants that I found in Berlin on the way from my home to the studio”.

Snapshots From Norway
It’s the glory of nature that excites Benjamin more than anything else.

“There’s no way we can allow ourselves to come out of this Coronavirus crisis and not change anything and just pretend we can go on as normal. This moment is a great opportunity for change.”

Snapshots From Norway
“This is me on Rondeslottet, one of Norway’s highest mountains”.

Snapshots From Norway compiled by Tor Kjolberg

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