Something Ethereal in Stockholm

Something Ehereal in Stockholm

The first physical NFT exhibition, Something Ethereal, is now on display at Fotografiska in Stockholm. Read more about Something Ethereal in Stockholm.

Somewhere Ethereal is an exhibition that raises questions about the nature and future of digital art. The artworks are spellbinding experiences featuring dreamlike animations and magnificent landscapes exploring shape, color and sound.

Something Ehereal in Stockholm
Sun Cave 2000, by Andres Resinger, Something Ehereal in Stockholmresinger Studio

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Spellbinding experiences featuring dreamlike animations
“For decades, digital art has been overlooked by museums and art institutions, but now the NFT trend is growing exponentially and starting to become a given part of the art world. This exhibition will offer an almost otherworldly experience. An image flowing from one thing to the next just as our thoughts can stray from one idea to another, creating a sense of natural flow and calm,” says curator Mathieu Wothke.

NFT stands for non-fungible (non-interchangeable) token – a digital resource that represents objects and phenomena in the digital world, such as art, music, playing time and videos. NFTs are bought and sold online using cryptocurrencies and can become extremely valuable due to their exclusivity.

Something Ehereal in Stockholm
The Red Spot (c) Six-N-Five, WEBB HERO MOBILE

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Because it is encrypted in a blockchain, each individual NFT is unique and cannot be copied, enabling the artist to retain the copyright and reproduction rights to their digital works.

«My art is about the interaction between spaces and shapes. It serves as a gateway to the perfect world, often inspired by ASMR. … I want to lull the viewer into a meditative state, and my art defies the laws of physics, gravity and everything that is ‘real’, providing endless possibilities,” says one of the artists, Andreas Wannerstedt.

The exhibition runs through 21 August 2022.

Something Ehereal in Stockholm
Pollen Spring Foundation 2022 by Andres Resinger(c) Andres Rersinger, WEBB HERO MOBILE

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Exhibiting artists

Andreas Wannerstedt, Stockholm, Swedish 3D artist and one of the world’s foremost names in NFT art.

Andrés Reisinger, Barcelona, one of the world’s top 3D artists, featured in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

Krista Kim, Toronto, famous virtual designer who, among other things, recently became the first person ever to sell a digital home, which went for half a million dollars.

Erick Calderon (Snowfro), Houston, NFT legend who often explores the boundaries between physical and digital art.

Six N. Five, Barcelona, world-famous digital artist with a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

Itzel Yard (IX Shells), Panama, the world’s best-selling female NFT artist.

Something Ethereal in Stockholm, based on a press release from Fotografiska. Stockholm.

All images © Fotografiska Feature image (on top): Mathieu Wotke