Scandinavia’s Largest Waterpark


Skara Sommarland is sandwiched approximately halfway between the other two big Swedish theme parks – Liseberg and Grona Lund. Grona Lund is owned by the same company as Skara Sommarland. This is Skara’s 31st season.

Four million liters of heated water are pumped into the several swimming-pools and attractions in Skara Sommarland (Summer Land). But there are not only wet experiences waiting you in the park. The entrance to Skara Sommarland may reveal very little of what’s in store for visitors, but when guests walk through the park will they discover the joy of exploring it. In every corner there is a surprising uniquely themed ride, which although mainly suited to children, should please a casual thrill seeker too.

Several carousels, restaurants and a play-area are just some of the attractions offered in the 400,000 sqaure meter park. If you have been to Liseberg amusement park in Liseberg, Skara Sommerland is twice the size. Over 350,000 visitors are coming to the park during the season.

Skara Sommarland opened in 1984 by the Swedish entrepreneur and politician Bert Karlsson. Famous Swedish musicians play at the venue every season. Karlsson sold the park in 1994 to the Swedish restaurant chain Rasta since it was threated of bankruptcy. In 2001 the park was sold once again to the current owners, Parks & Resorts Scandinavia AB (P&RS).

Since then more than 25 million dollars have been invested in the park, especially in attractions in the amusement park. Last year’s newcomer, the water attraction Cobra, was the largest investment in the park’s history. It is 116 meters long and 11 meters deep. In 2012 and 2013 Big Drop and Razer were unveiled.

P&RS installed many of the attractions that are present at the park today, including the one-of-its-kind Tranan roller coaster. Three coasters make up the ride line up, as do theme park favorites such as bumper cars, a log flume and a chair swings. There are about 40 attractions at Skara Sommarland. A lot of thought has gone into the various rides, with most of them offering unique, borderline bizarre, theming or even custom made ride cars.

The park is a dream for families. The spectacular stunt- and diver show Wild Style is a 20 minutes show of acrobatics and stunts in a rough street style wrapping.  All attractions on land and in water are included in the entrance fee, except the go-carts.

Behind the rather plain, drab entrance, Skara Sommarland is one of Sweden’s biggest and prettiest parks. It’s very leafy with plenty of open space filled with play equipment, two lakes (one of which features a waterski attraction which is hysterical to watch) and a waterpark. There is camp site at the park which is useful as the nearest significant town is 9km (5.5 miles) away.


Facts about Skara Sommarpark:

  • Last year almost 100,000 ice-crème cones were sold. Soft-ice is also popular with 28,556 units in 2014.
  • The most popular lottery in the park is the Milk Chocolate (Mjölkchokoladen) who sold 40,000 pieces during the summer of 2013.
  • The water in the pools holds about 25 degrees Celcius (77 Fahrenheit).
  • The operating season is between June and September.

Scandinavia’s Largest Waterpark, written by Tor Kjolberg