Spa Well-Being – the Swedish Way

Spa Well-Being – the Swedish Way

What previously considered a rare luxury is now available to most people in Sweden. Well-being and indulge in more recreations in spas and wellness facilities, either in the company with friends and family or in connection with conferences and meetings, are increasingly in demand. Read more about spa well-being – the Swedish way.

The Swedes are nature lovers and this may be the reason why many spa hotels and spa resorts are located in beautiful seclusion in the Swedish countryside. However, as the competition within the spa market steps up a notch, it remains even more vital to ensure keeping an eye on the latest innovations and quality aspects.

Spa Well-Being – the Swedish Way
The Association of Swedish Spa Hotels (Svenska spahotel) is working to ensure a positive development and to work for the industry in maintaining a certain level of quality. Photo: Visit Sweden

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The Association of Swedish Spa Hotels
The Association of Swedish Spa Hotels (Svenska spahotel) is working to ensure a positive development and to work for the industry in maintaining a certain level of quality. This is accomplished by ensuring that the association’s members provide a range of facilities based on the four cornerstones of motion, recreation, nutrition and salutary skincare, and that staff possesses the right training and experience. In Sweden there are 43 hotels that meet the criteria set by the board.

Swedes take leisure-time and spa visits very seriously, and the clichéd image of them taking a dip in a lake after a soothing wood-fired sauna is in fact true. Well-being the ‘Swedish way’ means getting away from a hectic work and home life to a weekend or off-day retreat to live the simple life with family and friends. Or being pampered at a luxury, traditional spa in the countryside.

Incorporating spa and wellness services
For most of the hospitality industry the benefits of incorporating spa and wellness services into their business models are now well recognized. The global wellness economy is valued at £3.3 trillion and continues to grow at a rate of 6.4%, offering up increased opportunities for those who understand that this is an industry that can’t be ignored.

Spa Well-Being – the Swedish Way
There is a rise in more niche, creative spa concepts which dual as social hangouts. Photo: Visit Stockholm

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But as wellness becomes more mainstream, it becomes more important for hoteliers to adapt and differentiate their products and services in this sector in order to attract and retain customers. Generally, we see two trends in the market. One is “back to basics”. Ancient forms of treatments known to show good results scientifically are being refined. Examples are massage, scrub, detox and spa. The second is a development of visually rejuvenating treatments. Many focus on treatments with firming effects for the face and invest in the market’s latest devices.

Swedish well-being
Well-being in Sweden also goes hand-in-hand with the right of public access – part of the Swedish constitution, that lets you roam the countryside as long as you leave it the way you found it. Many spa hotels and spa resorts in Sweden therefore offer packages that include walking and hiking and other invigorating outdoor activities.

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From a design point of view, the influence of the experience generation can be seen. There is a rise in more niche, creative spa concepts which dual as social hangouts. This includes spas which invite guests to ’write a new life story’ by offering a mix of music, aromas, food, warm baths, cold drinks and hot steam.

Spa Well-Being – the Swedish Way
Solar egg. Photo: Visit Sweden

Similarly, others are twisting notions like enjoyment and relaxation to create new kicks. Whether this is an invitation to see a great movie in the pool, mix their own scrubs in a Spa lab or rethink spa music as it becomes music you can not only hear but feel.

Increase of interest
We can also see an increase of interest in exercise, healthy food and lifestyle analysis, which mixes various activities together, such as tailor-made diets, exercise programs with mindfulness and solution-focused counseling and relaxion through yoga, qigong and massage to achieve better harmony.

As the consumer looks for more flexibility in their life, professionally coached classes through streaming technology is growing, minimizing the dependency on hotel gym and studio staff. Come and enjoy Sweden’s spa traditions and its own take on well-being.

Feature image (on top): Asia Spa. Photo: Visit Sweden

Spa Well-Being – the Swedish Way, written by Tor Kjolberg

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