Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips

Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips

Famous for the Northern Lights, lush green space, and clean environment, Sweden is a Scandinavian country that welcomes people of all cultures and backgrounds. Packed with breathtaking landscapes and a wealth of unique activities to do, best believe you’ll never run out of things to see and do in Sweden. Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips.

If you want to take your Swedish itinerary up a notch, lucky for you because we’re about to discuss our lifesaving travel tips and must-see spots in the country. Read further!

Lake Vattern and Lacko Castle
Sweden is home to the world’s most beautiful castles. One of them is the Lacko Castle, which is located on the shores of Lake Vattern, Sweden’s largest lake. Home to 31 fish species, including trout and char, Lake Vattern presents itself as a perfect fishing spot for hobbyists. Fishing rules can be accessed on Svenska fiskeregler’s website.

Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips
Lacko summer palace. Photo: Roger Borgelid/Västsverige.com

With its baroque, timeless charm, it’s not hard to see why Lacko Castle is regarded as one of the most beautiful castles in Sweden. Wander in the historical halls and enjoy an authentic medieval experience.

Tip: Finish your trip with a sumptuous meal at Hvita Hjorten in Victoriahuset, which serves fresh vegetables and fish caught from Lake Vattern.

The second-largest city in the country is a food hotspot. World-class restaurants, rich history, and breathtaking coastline are making tourists flock to the city. You can spend an entire day roaming around the top-rated attractions in the city. Stroll around the Slottsskogen Park in the morning, where various wildlife, including seals, penguins, moose, elk, and deer, are waiting for the entire family.

Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips
From Guthenburg. Photo: Visit Sweden

After a worthwhile stroll, visit the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History nearby. Next, wind down on the streets of Haga District, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city. Revel in one of the world’s largest cinnamon buns at Café Husaren or munch on a lovely seafood meal at Sjöbaren restaurant. In the afternoon, you can choose to try the thrilling rides at the Liseberg Amusement Park or take an exciting boat ride to Nya Älvsborg Fortress, a beautifully preserved fortress in the country.

Tips: If you’re commuting around the city, remember that locals believe in “stranger danger.” Bumping into someone in the street would usually elicit an apology; it is somewhat alien in Sweden. Don’t take it personally, though. Swedes rarely engage in conversations, even small talks, with strangers!

Locals love to walk and bask in the wonders of their surroundings. While public transport is widely available, traverse the city like a true local by keeping your feet on the ground.

The Swedish capital is a fusion of the old and new. Teeming with medieval buildings, contemporary architecture, and great tourist attractions, explore the city in a day or two to get that ultimate Swedish experience.

Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips
Skeppsbron, Stockholm. Photo: Ola Ericson/Visit Sweden

The colorful Gamla Stan is a great starting point. It’s a breathing museum of sleek architecture developed in the 1200s. The Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, and the Nobel Prize Museum are all situated nearby this old town. Make sure to include them in your itinerary!

Make the most out of your visit by joining sightseeing tours as well. There are many local tours that you can join to witness the city’s spectacular sights by bus or boat.

Tip: Like most Scandinavian cities, activities in Stockholm can be expensive. One way to enjoy the city without costing an arm and leg is to eat one main, heavy meal during the day and munch on something lighter in the evening.

Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips – Conclusion
Sweden is such a sight to behold, and one way to make the most of your trip is to plan ahead. May this article help you level up your Swedish itinerary!

Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips
Kenneth Reeves

Spice up Your Swedish Itinerary with These Tips is exclusively written for Daily Scandinavian by Kenneth Reaves. Kenneth loves to practice his passion for angling across the waters of the world. He’s also a passionate coach and writer, helping anglers of all levels master the art of fishing on his website, Perfect Captain.

Feature image (on top): Stockholm skyline. Photo: Ulf Grunbaum/Visit Sweden


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