Star photographer visits Oslo Kameraklubb


You might have seen the work of Ashley Cameron and not have even known it. He has worked with an array of magazines and advertising agencies. London-based Cameron has over the past 15 years built a reputation as a studio with a flexible, problem solving approach.  

Cameras have always intrigued Cameron. “Photography is the seventh most popular job in the worId,” said Watermann when he visited Oslo Kameraklubb (Oslo Camera Club) in Oslo last week, but added it is very few who really succeed. “You must keep going and never give in,” he said. He started out with wedding photos and developing photos in an Apple computer shop, always scanning and experimenting. He loves taking pictures but perhaps even more so, manipulating with elements. He collects backgrounds into which he can place elements like people, cars, buildings or whatever. He showed photographs and asked members of the club which photos were manipulated, using his puzzle- and airbrush-technique, and which were not. With his almost mathematical precision and excellent retouch it was nearly impossible to distinguish them.

When he works for advertising agencies he uses his problem solving approach. “My studio combines production and retouching to deliver an art director’s vision,” he said. “Clients come to us, confident that we can solve a broad range of visual problems. Our diverse output covers everything from still life to lavish locations all over the world.”

He loves to photograph in Norway. “I am literally always pushing borders to keep my enthusiasm going,” he said. “I am photographing normal things and making them special.”

So he did when he brought a model to Trolltunga in Norway, a huge piece of rock that extends to a height of 0.8 kilometers off the ground. You need 8 to 10 hours to get there, but the view is spectacular. We are sure you never have seen “Language of the Trolls” photographed like this before.

Here is a proof that the background is genuine. Cameron photographing in Northern Norway.

081014-Cameron proving that this is a genuine backround
“I am not a fantastic photographer,” concluded a humble Cameron, “I just shoot in front of fantastic things. I am constantly looking for stuff.”

Text: Tor Kjolberg
All photos Ashley Cameron, except feature image on top, showing Cameron in front of one of his images from Geilo, Norway.

Oslo Kameraklubb
was established March 21, 1921 and is a meeting point for photo enthusiasts. All are welcome, novices as well as experienced amateurs.

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