Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle

Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle

Stockholm has become a staple location for the hipster tourist movement, a place that marries urban bustle with natural scenery. Stockholm is made up of 14 islands and many distinct neighborhoods, each presenting its own unique identity. Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle.

Summer is the ideal time to visit this area, but the winter provides certain tranquility. Some of the most renowned attributes of Stockholm include one’s ability to encounter natural landscapes amongst the city cafes and museums.

Off the Beaten Path

Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle
Skeppsholmen, Stockholm. Photo: Wikipedia

One of Stockholm’s breathtaking natural landscapes, Skeppsholmen, is a hidden island that is ideal for photography, history, and waterfront views. The entire island is encircled by a walkway that can be completed on foot. Skeppsholmen was used as a military training ground for many years. It has since transformed into a site for museums and art galleries, such as the Modern Museum, or the East Asian museum.

A popular summer event that takes place here is the Stockholm Jazz Festival. The Jazz Festival is one of the oldest and most notable festivals in Stockholm. Skeppsholmen can be accessed by bus or ferry from the city center and is an ideal way to spend the day exploring the rich history of Stockholm.

Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle
Skinnarviksberget. Photo: Visit Stockholm

Södermalm, often referred to as Sweden’s version of Brooklyn or Shoreditch, is home to the highest natural point in Stockholm. Here is one of the best-kept secrets due to the 50-minute hike that is required to reach the top. At the top, there is a remarkable view of the sunset and the waterfront. Like most things in Stockholm, this spot is ideal in the summer. During this time, locals and tourists alike picnic, play live music and enjoy a few glasses of wine.

During the winter, if the weather allows, the hike and experience tend to be incredibly peaceful. The best way to access Skinnarviksberget is taking the train to Zinkensdamm, and then completing the rest on foot.

Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle
Tantolunden. Photo: Visit Stockholm

Tantolunden is cherished by the locals, given that many tourists are unaware that this park exists. This park is known for its’ family-friendly activities such as Frisbee golf, young people swimming, live music, and afternoon strolls. Hands down, this is the most colorful and flourishing parks in Sweden, due mostly to the long-standing community initiative of hundreds of manicured garden plots.

“An afternoon in Tantolunden is free for people to roam and is an excellent example of the local’s dedication to the natural landscape and laid-back lifestyle. Found in the south part of central Stockholm, it is located near the Hornstull Marknad and Zindkensdamn,” suggests Gillian Smith, a travel blogger at Writinity and Draft Beyond.

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Café Culture

Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle
Fika in Stockholm. Photo by se huishirley Kim from FreeImages

Café Saturnus
Saturnus is a local shop that is located at Eriksbergsgatan 6, 114 30 Stockholm. The most notable attribute of this café is the quality service and impressive display of cakes and buns. Many visitors rave about the buns due to their large and dense nature. Locals tend to value the food options and find this a noteworthy place to honor Fika, a daily break for coffee and a sweet treat.

Offering a unique and differing experience from the new trend of “hipster” cafes, Vete-Katten is a 1920s style café located at 55 Kungsgatan, 111 22 Stockholm. The specialties of this café range from pastries and afternoon tea to snacks and lunch options.

“The words most commonly used to describe the experience found here are cozy and classic. There is an even split between the number of tourists and locals that visit here,” explains Adam Yiset, a writer at Last Minute Writing and Researchpapersuk. With that being said, the price of the food and drink is quite reasonable. All options can be enjoyed in house or can be requested for carry-out.

An Artistic Experience

Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle
WIP Dance Studio, Stockholm

Located at 117 43, Årsta skolgränd 14B, 117 43 Stockholm, this spot is home to 93 artists and 83 art studios. Known as a hub of artistic creation, WIP;sthlm is creating a space for discussion and exploration in the art community.

Tunnelbanan (the Metro) opened in 1950. Stockholm’s Tunnelbana has 100 stations, and almost half of them are located underground. In the past, Tunnelbanan was significantly impacted by the influx of graffiti art. Over the last few years, Stockholm has remedied this and incorporated art into Tunnelbanan’s infrastructure as a whole. Artwork covers a total of 110 km of the line. The inclusion of this style of art brings an experience beyond the typical commute.

Stockholm: Combining Natural Landscapes with the Urban Bustle
Ashley Halsey

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