Summer Nights in the Norwegian Tree Top Cabins


In the Hamar Region in Norway  the “Tretopphyttene”, Tree Top Cabins, have become a very popular attraction. Built on the top of tree crowns, the cabins are an exciting, yet very safe and comfortable, place to spend the night.

25 feet above the forest floor, high in the tree crowns hangs the treetop cabins. They are an amazing way to experience the beautiful Norwegian nature up close and personal. These three unique cabins are placed in close proximity to each other in the woods of Ringsaker, between Hamar and Lillehammer, an hour and half north of Oslo.

160914_Treetop_Cabin_Hamar_NorwayThe newest addition, the pine cabin even has a ramp that makes it easily accessible for wheel chair users. So please permit yourself to take a minute and plan what will be an unforgettable experience wether it be a trip, vacation or a gift. The cabins comfortably houses 6-8 people and prices start at 999,- NOK per night.

If the wind gets up, the cabins move gently with the trees, just to let you know you are in a cabin like no other. This makes you aware you are not in a city hotel or in any normal cabin.

In the Norwegian Tree Top cabins you can sleep safely and comfortably among the tree crowns. You can also enjoy the great Norwegian wilderness and get up close with the many birds and beasts of the forest.

The cabins are located far away from the sights and sounds of traffic and populated areas. This means that on any night the silence is and light sounds of the forest are calming to the soul. And on clear nights you get to enjoy dark skies littered with beautiful stars.