A Swedish BBQ Revolution

A Swedsh BBQ Revolution

Swedish luxury brand Röshults has launched a charcoal grill where the glow bed is agitated by inaudible infrasound. It’as a Swedish BBQ revolution.

One of the benefits compared to other charcoal grills is the heating speed. Instead of the normal 20-30 minutes the Rösholts grill is heated up within 5-7 minutes. The intensity of the glow bed and grilling temperature can be regulated between 150°c to 350°c and it takes away flames from the glow bed when fat drips onto the charcoal.

A Swedish BBQ Revolution
One of the benefits compared to other charcoal grills is the heating speed

Complete combustion makes minimum of smoke and the consumption of charcoal is about one third of a normal charcoal grill.

A Swedish BBQ Revolution
Booster BBQ

“We have finally created the ultimate grill,” say the designers.  “We are presenting the most exciting product in the history of Röshults. With passion, experience, years of development and thousands of tests and evaluations, this revolutionary barbecue combines innovative technology with our characteristic design language of sophistication and elegance. Röshults is taking barbecuing to a whole new level.”

A Swedish BBQ Revolution
Booster reglage

Read more about the Booster Grill at boostergrill.com

A Swedish BBQ Revolution
Back of the booster

Stockholm’s most expensive penthouse is equipped with Röshults signature products. The apartment of 165 square meters was last autumn sold by luxury real estate agency Siv Kraft. Equipped with the latest technology as well as exclusive materials and designs, the penthouse is a ‘dream come true’ for the discerning individual. Located on Banérgatan in beautiful Östermalm, with stunning views from the two terraces, the penthouse was sold for 39 million SEK, with a price of 235 000 SEK per square meter.

A Swedish BBQ Revolution
Stockholm’s most expensive penthouse is equipped with Röshults signature products

We are proud to announce that was selected by Siv Kraft selected Röshults as supplier of outdoor furniture and outdoor kitchen products.

A Swedish BBQ Revolution, source: Röshults

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