Swedish company wants Öresund bike path


With an ever-growing population in the Öresund region, a Swedish construction company wants to improve cross-country commuting with a speedy new metro line and “super bike tunnel” to Copenhagen.


It’s currently forbidden to cycle across the Öresund bridge, a part-bridge, part-tunnel connection between Malmö and Copenhagen, which was made famous by the hit television show The Bridge.

But if new proposals by Sweden-based construction company Skanska and Swedish consultancy firm Sweco come into effect, the dream for commuting cyclists could become a reality.

The report proposed six new connections across the Öresund strait, including tunnels between Helsingborg and Helsingör that would shave forty minutes off trips from Helsingborg to the Danish capital, a metro between Malmö and Copenhagen, and a high speed connection from Malmö to the Copenhagen airport.

The Öresund Bike Path, referred to as a “super cycle path” (supercykelväg), would run in separate tunnel above the cars on the Öresund Bridge.

A report from the two companies explained that growth is expected to skyrocket in the Öresund area, meaning an increase of an estimated one million people by the year 2070.

To keep the region internationally competitive, the report suggested building 500,000 new homes as well.

“The goal of our our work is to start discussions between the business sector and both the public and non-profit sectors about how we can realize the potential of the region,” Pierre Olofsson, CEO of Skanska Sweden, said in a statement.