Swedish Fashion Hope

Swedish Fashion Hope

Swedish fashion brand Hope was established in 2001 by Ann Ringstad and Stefan Söderberg. They wanted to create contemporary, high-quality fashion, aimed to inspire and emphasize individual style.

What began as a creative discussion between two friends, passionate about well-made utility wear, is today a fashion label centered on well-made, quality fashion design. Frida Bard signed on as creative director in 2016, after working at Acne Studios for 13 years. She sees Hope, once defined by utility and minimalism, as having “a little bit of a punk soul.”

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Swedish Fashion Hope
According to the company’s website, Hope is passionate about diversity, creativity and self- expression

According to the company’s website, they’re passionate about diversity, creativity and self- expression. Their new Changes collection is a celebration of a new outlook on gender identity through a new way of labeling: Men’s and women’s sizes are from 2017 on indicated on every garment so that it’s easy for the customers to make their own choices.

“Style comes before gender, and we encourage our customers to explore our full assortment, rather than just one department,” says Ann Ringstad. “The clothes you wear should be a celebration of you,” adds Frida Bard.

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Swedish Fashion Hope
Frida Bard signed on as creative director in 2016, after working at Acne Studios for 13 years

In Sweden everyone’s entitled to be who they want to be, believe what they want to believe, love who they want to love, and wear what they want to wear.

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Swedish Fashion Hope
Ann Ringstad and Stefan Söderberg

When the first collection for men was launched in 2005, it immediately became a go-to favorite of the Swedish fashion establishment. Over the years, HOPE has received numerous awards and nominations and is today one of the leading fashion brands in Sweden.

Swedish Fashion Hope, written by Tor Kjolberg

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