Swedish Iron Pans for Perfect Cooking


Swedish company Skeppshult is an old and venerable company that is committed to produce quality cast iron products proudly since 1906.

The best quality cast iron pans for healthier food, locally made in Sweden, won’t disappoint you.  A lot has changes since the early beginnings if course, but a lot has also remained the same. The process for instance has always started with raw iron heated to 1500 degrees.

Swedish Iron Pans for Perfect Cooking
Skepphult frying pans

Simon Bolmgren and his father bought the company in 2012. The fact is that many people don’t know that cast iron pans have some significant health benefits. Less oil is needed and cast-iron us a chemical-free alternative to silicon coated pans.

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But casting the molten iron requires special moulds that can withstand extreme temperatures, therefore Skepphult uses sand moulds that have been compressed under several tons of pressure.

One of Skepphults founding values is to control every piece that comes out of the factory, so nothing has changed in this respect since 1906. As a Scandinavian I am of course biased, but this brand has everything; performance, looks and its pedigree tracking. With over 100 years of experience Skepphult has found the right composition that can both hold the hot cast iron and provide the rifght structure in the cast metal.

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Swedish Iron Pans for Perfect Cooking
Skepphult waffle iron

If you care about what you eat, you should of course also care about the pans and pots you use to cook your food in. The Swedish designers value form as well as function so utility is always balanced with beauty.

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Swedish Iron Pans for Perfect Cooking
Skepphult traditional grill pan

Made with only naturally pure ingredients, Skeppshult’s cast iron is an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to today’s plastic-coated aluminum pans. Buying a Skepphult pan will have a great impact on the environment, on your wellbeing as well, as well as your wallet.

Swedish Iron Pans for Perfect Cooking, written by Tor Kjolberg