Swedish Nobel Laureates and Inventors

Swedish Nobel Laureates and Inventors

West of Ransäter, on the eastern shore of Mellan-Fryken, is Märbacka, the manor home of Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf, the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize for literature, in 1909. Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) was fluent in several languages, and wrote poetry and drama. Nobel was also very interested in social and peace-related issues, and held views that were considered radical during his time. Alfred Nobel’s interests are reflected in the prize he established. Learn more about the Swedish Nobel laureates and inventors.

Through her books, Selma Lagerlöf made famous the Fryk Valley and lakes. On the western side of the lake is Rottneros Park, whose elegant manor-house appears as Ekeby in Lagerlöf’s The Story of Gösta Berling. This beautiful park has an arboretum and works by Scandinavian sculptors, including Milles, Eriksson and Vigeland.

Swedish Nobel Laureates and Inventors
Selma Lagerlšf 1923
Photo: Atelje Jaeger, Stockholm

North of Lake Vänern, the bedrock is rich in minerals, and this area has long been associated with Sweden’s early industrial development. Many Americans make the pilgrimage to Filipstad, which has the mausoleum of John Ericsson, the gifted inventor and engineer.

Swedish Nobel Laureates and Inventors
The gifted inventor and engineer John Ericsson. Photo: Britannica

Björkborn Herrgård, near Karlskoga, was the home of Alfred Nobel. The manor house is now a museum, Nobel Prize Museum (Nobelmuséet).

Swedish Nobel Laureates and Inventors
The Picasso statue in Kristinehamn. Photo: Wikipedia

At Kristinehamn, west of Karlskoga, a 15-meter (49ft) high sculpture by Picasso is the most striking feature on Lake Vänern.

Swedish Nobel Laureates and Inventors
Örebro, is a dramatic, 17th century lakeside castle. Photo: Wikipedia

In the east, in the province of Närke, is Örebro, with a dramatic, 17th-century lakeside castle. Next summer, the Örebro Castle uncovers rooms, cellar vaults and towers that have not previously been open to the public. Discover forgotten areas of the castle and listen to new and fascinating stories from the past about nobles, prisoners and serving folk, and about some of the well-known and less familiar episodes from the castle’s rich and eventful history. Join a guided tour, follow the mystery trail or help your children with the challenges in the Children’s Castle Tower.

Swedish Nobel Laureates and Inventors, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Björkborn Herrgård, near Karlskoga, was the home of Alfred Nobel and is today the Nobel Prize Museum.


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