Swedish Police Red-Faced After Being Caught Drinking Confiscated Vodka


Embarrassed Swedish police will pay 16,000 kronor (USD 2,200 / GBP 1,300) in damages to a man they confiscated alcohol from seven years ago. When he went to pick up the booze he found that many of the bottles were full of water.

The incident began when the man returned from a trip to Germany, with a large amount of alcohol including wine, beer and spirits.

Police believed the man had broken alcohol import laws after returning from Germany with large amounts of spirits, wine and beer in April 2007. They then raided his home and confiscated it. But four years later he was cleared and all charges were dropped.

However, when he went to collect his booze, he soon discovered that lots of it had disappeared, while some of the beer, cider and wine were out of date. Furthermore, he realized that somebody or some persons had drunk 10 bottles of gin and five bottles of vodka and refilled the empty bottles with water.

Swedish Police red-faced said they never found out who the culprit was but admitted their negligence. They said the amount they would pay the man covered the alcohol that had been stolen and the water-filled bottles.

Source: The Drinks Business