Swedish Rock-Star of Nordic Noir

Swedish Rock-Star of Nordic Noir

Swedish crime author Camilla Läckberg’s novel The Golden Cage was the most sold book in Sweden 2019. Now she breaks sales record once again with over 30 million books sold around the world. Learn more about the Swedish rock-star of Nordic noir.

After 20 years as an author with over 30 million books sold in 45 languages ​​in 60 countries Camilla Läckberg presents herself in a new reality series, “Swedish Power Women” on TV3 and Viaplay. She proudly talks about her success or flaunts luxury and glamor. She invites you to her home life with the children as well as to her husband Simon Skold. In the first episode, she shows her huge walk-in closet with shelves full of handbags and shoes and jewelry in showcases.

Swedish Rock-Star of Nordic Noir
Camilla Läckberg’s books have been sold over 30 million copies in 45 languages in 60 countries.

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Now wonder, Camilla Lackberg (born 1974) in Fjällbacka, Sweden, has been called “the rock-star of Nordic noir” or the Swedish Agatha Christie. After graduating from Gothenburg University with a degree in Economics, she moved to Stockholm, where she worked as an economist before beginning writing fiction seriously.

Swedish Rock-Star of Nordic Noir
Camilla Läckberg and her husband. Photo: TV3

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Läckberg is recognized for detail and in-depth characterization. She became a writer after her husband and parents enrolled her in a creative writing course as a Christmas present. She describes herself as a visual writer “For me actually, specific images – snapshots – come first, and then the story starts to come together from those bits and pieces. I am very visual when I write. I ‘see’ the story in pictures and writing a book is like having a movie running in my head 24/7,” she says.

Swedish Rock-Star of Nordic Noir
“A book is like having a movie running in my head 24/7,” says Läckberg.

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Now, the sales in Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Germany and others have exceeded expectations. Up to now the French readers have bought over 5 million books. Her work has been described as “standing out for its atmospheric depiction of the Swedish coast, well-drawn characters and (at its best) complex and psychologically nuanced plots.

Swedish Rock-Star of Nordic Noir
Camilla Läckberg at Gothenburg Book Fair 2013. Photo: Wikipedia commons

It’s Läckberg’s new groundbreaking series about the business woman Faye that has found more readers all around the world.

Swedish Rock-Star of Nordic Noir, written by Tor Kjolberg


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