Swedish Village for Sale

Swedish Village for Sale

The Swedish “wellness village” Sätra Brunn on the outskirts of Stockholm is listed on Residence Christie’s International Real Estate for just over $7 million (70 million Swedish krona). The Swedish village for sale dates back to 1700.

The village is over 320 years old and has always been a place where self-care has been placed ahead of all else. Today, the village is a thriving business establishment with picturesque homes, hotel, preschool, church, a bathhouse mingle – and doctor Samuel Skragge’s spring water source.

Swedish Village for Sale
Sätra Brunn Spa
Lots of space
In Sätra Brun it is space – lots of it. And what can compete with a whole village for sale? When Dr. Skragge bought the property in 1700, he built a well, a well house, a hospital, a church and housing. He opened the establishment in 1701. During the 17th century there was a large interest in therapeutic bathing and spring water and Skragge was well-read regarding the medical benefits of mineral water.

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Visitors were invited to drink the town’s water every day and enjoy cold or warm baths, as they were believed to help emotional imbalances. Some years after the purchase, Skragge was pulled into the Russian campaign and could therefore not finish his plans for the well. However, the business continued without him and a sophisticated building style began to take shape over the years.

Swedish Village for Sale
Bridal path
The grounds and houses were bought in the 1740s by bishop Kalsenius from Västerås. The property was bequeathed to Uppsala University, one of Sweden’s top universities, a few years later.

Stable and recurring revenues
During the 1930s, the well experienced a period of more stable and recurring revenues when the Swedish retirement agency (later the insurance agency) annually referred patients to the well for care and healing.

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In 2002, Uppsala university sold Satra Brunn to 16 local entrepreneurs and the village has since been run as a spa and events venue. Since 2015, a bottling business has operated in the village. It is included in the sale. It is only one of seven springs to be awarded Sweden’s highest water purity designation.

Many have visited the well throughout the years and it has traditionally been financed by paying guests including aristocrats as well as commoners. The property located in Västmanland County was home to a famous holistic research center that was in operation from 1747 until 1991, as well as Hotel Nybygget (“New Building”) that was the largest hotel in Sweden when it opened in 1792.

Swedish Village for Sale
The property on sale at Christie’s Real Estate includes the entire village and every building located within its limits. Berabo (Living on the Hill) is the name of this house.

An entire village for sale
The property on sale at Christie’s Real Estate includes the entire village and every building located within its limits. In addition to the insane bragging rights that come with owning a village, the winner of the auction will also be purchasing 84 acres of undeveloped, picturesque land, along with the town’s 70 buildings, many of which were built using locally sourced timber. The current owners claim the buildings are only in need of minor work.

Although the town produces 30 to 40 million Swedish krona ($3.25 to $3.7 million) in business income each year, one of the owners, Mats Wikman, recently told the New York Times that they are looking for younger owners who have the energy and time needed to keep it running.

Registered as a limited company
Satra Brunn and all its real estate is registered as a limited company, meaning there are no restrictions for foreign buyers, according to broker Jonas Martinsson, who described the architecture of the village as a “walk through time.”

Swedish Village for Sale, written by Tor Kjolberg

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