Ten Top Scandinavian Brands and Why We Love Them


When we choose suppliers and products for our store, we make sure that they will represent both the Nordic spirit and a high standard of quality. The brands we choose to work with are usually based on Scandinavian values like tradition, nature, and sustainability. Learn about the ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them.

The clothes, shoes, bags, and other items they create are made to last, some even get passed down from generation to generation. Of course, we also like to present new and trendy items from younger, more untraditional companies, but they all have two things in common; High quality and the Scandinavian spirit of exploring nature.

Scandinavian Explorer
As the name implies, these clothes are made for travel. Designed by Norsemen that have the Norwegian custom of “The Sunday Hike” installed in their backbone, Scandinavian Explorer makes clothes for the whole family.

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
As the name implies, clothes from Scandinavian Explorer are made for travel

These colorful down jackets are not only made to protect you from the weather, they are inspired by it! Warm yellow, orange and pink hues from the midnight sun, the bright white snow, cool blue rain, and the magic green of the Northern Lights.

You will find that Scandinavian nature has inspired this brand to create some of the most beautiful colors for their garments.

When they add the technical experience of what will work in the ever-changing weather conditions of the Nordic countries, Scandinavian Explorer knows how to keep you warm and dry.

Complete with an eye for both the classic and modern fashion, these fleeces, rain jackets, sweaters, socks, hats, and mittens will also make you feel fresh and comfortable in the city as well as the mountains.

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Dale of Norway
An institution in the world of knitwear, the Dale of Norway textile factory has remained active in the village of Dale in Norway for centuries. Being one of the very few textile companies with production in Norway, they pay close attention to every stage of the production. This ensures great quality in every garment – a Dale of Norway trademark since 1879.

Their primary focus has always been to make knitted clothing like merino wool sweaters, jackets, and accessories. Skilled knitters and artisans have joined Dale’s production, often followed by their family members. Subsequently, their experience and expertise were passed on to the next generation. Generations of Norwegians have worked in their factory their whole lives.

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
Dale of Norwayis an institution in the world of knitwear

Dale of Norway is really an integral part of Norwegian history and culture. Since the 1956 Cortina Winter Olympics, they have provided the national Norwegian ski team with official sweaters for all Winter Olympic Games and World Championships. Later they were chosen by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to design official sweaters for the Winter Olympics, with the right to use the Olympic rings.

These official sweaters, often named after the location of the event, remain popular for years afterward – contributing to the Dale of Norway brand being well-known all over the world. You can find some of them in our store.

Helly Hansen
Making layers on layers of waterproof and windproof protective fabrics that also ensure the ability to breathe! Helly Hansen has been making professional-grade gear like jackets and life jackets, to help people stay alive and feel alive for more than 140 years!

Helly Hansen gear is worn and trusted by professional sailors on oceans, professional athletes skiing down mountains, and workers getting the job done at worksites all around the world.

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
Helly Hansen has developed jackets and other sporty clothes that can live through generations

All the way back in 1877, a sea captain called Helly Juell Hansen, and his wife Margrethe launched a business. They made waterproof oilskin jackets, trousers, sou’westers, and tarpaulins made from coarse linen soaked in linseed oil, a great innovation at the time.

Over the years, Helly Hansen has developed jackets and other sporty clothes that can live through generations. Long-lasting products require durable materials, that is also an advantage for the environment.

Helly Hansen’s sailing gear is worn by world-class sailors across all five oceans and many of the world’s top skiers swear by this brand.

A core value for Helly Hansen is safety, and wearing their amazing rain jackets with layers of high- tech fabrics will make you feel protected in all kinds of weather. Check out our selection in the Mall of Norway store.

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A Danish Icon, these shoes are made for more than walking! The heart and soul (no, that’s not a typo, it’s a pun!) of their shoes is craftsmanship and innovation. Every pair of shoes and every bag is designed from high-quality leathers and other sustainable materials.

Sustainability is in fact a core value that defines not only the production of their shoes and bags, but that also is an inspiration for all their designs, as many of them are inspired by nature itself.

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
Every pair of shoes and every bag from ECCO is designed from high-quality leathers and other sustainable materials

Another area of focus for Ecco is comfort. Your feet should always feel at home and well taken care of when you put your shoes on. Technology is used to find the right balance and the very best materials for your feet.

If it is to put a bounce in your step with Phorene midsoles, a firm grip with Michelin rubber outsoles or the patented 100% waterproof Gore-Tex to keep you dry and warm.

From beautiful shoes to rugged terrain shoes, classic dress shoes and comfy sandals that let your feet breathe and feel happy, to classy and practical bags and backpacks, Ecco combines style and quality in a unique way. You will find it hard to let them go, fortunately they will last you longer than most.

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It is hard to travel the Scandinavian countries without seeing one of these backpacks out and about. In the city or on the mountain, it fits in everywhere, and almost every Scandinavian has one at some point in their lives. Some are even handed down from generation to generation.

The idea behind this famous backpack was to make it easier to explore nature, by creating a bag that could hold everything you needed for a hike, but still be comfortable on your body. As the years went by, they also developed other items for all who enjoy being outdoors, like tents, sleeping bags, jackets, coats, belts, purses, and pocketbooks.

Of course, this brand is all about nature and also preserving it in the best possible way, so making sure that it is not disturbed more than necessary is a big part of Fjällrävens vision. Focusing on what nature needs, developing clothes and gear that will last for generations, and choosing partners that share the love of nature and sustainability is a huge part of their philosophy.

What does the fox say? Probably that you should get your own Fjällräven backpack, because they are amazing!

Røros Tweed
Have you ever admired the magnificent Scandinavian nature of mountains and fjords and just wished that you could wrap yourself in it? With a blanket from Røros Tweed, you will come pretty close to that feeling.

These high-quality blankets are made in Norway, carefully knitted in Norwegian wool, created in collaboration with some of the leading designers and textile artists in Scandinavia. The factory itself, curiously situated at 600 meters above sea level at Røros, has an interesting backstory.

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
Røros Tweed – Flette. The motifs of Naturpledd are inspired yarn and the various techniques that can be done in weaving, braiding, knots and knitting. Naturpledd series is made only of natural dyed yarn – without artificial coloring – resulting in a 100% natural product. Naturpledd by Kristine Five Melvær won Best Textiles in 2015 ICFF Editors Awards

A wealthy CEO donated his fortune to the poor people of Røros, but in an untraditional way. He ordered wool and linen to be bought and handed out so that they could make warm clothing from the materials to be sold.

They got paid for their work and every year clothes were handed out, some were given back to the people who made them. As the years passed, this legacy developed into a factory and Røros Tweed was made. Curtains, fabrics for furniture, blankets, and tweed were made.

Today, Røros Tweed is most known for their blankets, both for kids and adults, and they are inspired by the cultural legacy of Røros and its mountain landscape. You will find both traditional colors and organic patterns by Karen Staver and Judy D. Lundin as well as more modern and artistic designs like Bjarne Melgaard and Ingunn Birkeland.

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Like their name says, these clothes can be worn all day, all night! Made to be worn skiing in the steep slopes of the Nordic mountains, but also for a night out. The philosophy for Twentyfour is to make clothing that can be worn anytime, anywhere!

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
Pairing traditional Norwegian design with new and fresh colors, anoraks and pants from Twentyfour are made for movement

Pairing traditional Norwegian design with new and fresh colors, these anoraks and pants are made for movement. Wear them dancing at the after-ski, or hiking in beautiful Norwegian nature, the light and smooth fabrics move right along with you.

Established in 2006, this is a young brand with a fresh and youthful style that embraces technical details to ensure quality and durability. Still, there is the occasional nod to the good old days, with designs inspired by more classic Norwegian pieces.

Combine your favorite pair of pants and anorak for a complete look, check out our selection in the Mall of Norway store.


Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
100% Norwegian wool, carefully spun and made into long-lasting, comfortable sweaters

Combining high tech knitting in the form of whole garment, with both modern and traditional Norwegian patterns, Rauma brings together the best of both worlds.

100% Norwegian wool, carefully spun and made into these long-lasting, comfortable sweaters, is the fundament for Rauma’s success.

Famous for their traditional knitting patterns of classics like Marius, Setesdal, and Fana, and their yarn of top quality, Rauma has expanded their business to include clothing. The whole process of manufacturing, from wool to finished product, is done in their factory in Romsdalen in the middle of Norway.

These are knitted sweaters and hats you will fall in love with, and they are long-lasting, so it is true love! Wear them while you explore the Norwegian landscapes, maybe enjoying a trip to the most famous waterfalls, or the finest beaches in Norway.

Knitwear from Rauma is also perfect for snuggling up in a cabin with your own knitwork, maybe wearing a modern classic like Spire will inspire you to knit an old classic like Marius? It’s a great gift too!

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Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
Norlender is a family-owned business with a history that dates back to 1927

Norlender Knitwear
How about a modern and rough spin on the classic knitted woolen sweater?

Norlender is a family-owned business with a history that dates back to 1927. Now 90 years and three generations later, Norlender is one of the few existing textile factories in Norway.

They are very proud to be able to offer garments made from Norwegian 100 % pure new wool from yarns spun in Norway, and knitted and manufactured at their factory on the Norwegian west coast.

Norlender always uses high-quality yarns, and they cooperate with skilled spinners in both Norway and Europe. Norway is known internationally for the high quality of its woolen clothing.

To stay warm in the cold and often wet climate of the north has been a key factor for survival, and wool is a natural fiber with the extraordinary properties to do just that and has been used in Norway for clothing for over 6000 years.

If you’re interested in wool scarves, hats, or kids sweaters by Norlender Knitwear, have a look at the selection in our online shop.

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Marius Kids
Is there a better gift than a cozy sweater, dress or jumpsuit with the traditional Marius pattern? We think not! Marius Kids have the rights to the famous pattern for children’s wear from the ages 0-12, and they have designed the cutest outfits for your little ones.

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them
If you have a bunch of cuties, it is always fun to dress them up in matching outfits

Both the old, traditional red, white, and blue pattern with the colors of the Norwegian flag and more modern colors like mint, pink, and light blue, are among the designs.

If you have a bunch of cuties, it is always fun to dress them up in matching outfits, and you can do that with the fun and practical Marius Kids’ clothes.

Exploring new materials like bamboo is part of this brand’s focus on sustainable production, and they always make sure to leave room for movement, fun, and play with their cool garments for the little ones. If you are going outdoors, there are hats and mittens to match as well.

Make the best memories, and maybe a great Christmas card?

Ten top Scandinavian brands and why we love them, written exclusively for Daily Scandinavian by the Mall of Norway marketing team.

Feature image (on top): Helly Hansen hiking pants

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