The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway

The following represents 10 of Norway’s premier mountain hiking trails. Many other hikes are worthy of consideration, but these in particular embody Norway’s most iconic and awe-inspiring mountain views.

The length and difficulty of the hikes vary, but they are all worthy of serious consideration depending on what part of the country you are visiting.

Romsdalstrappa, Åndalsnes
A rather steep but very good path up the Romsdal Valley  leads you 715 meters above sea level where you have a beautiful view over Åndalsnes and the Romsdalsfjord. The hike takes approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Galdhøpiggen, Norway

Galdhøpiggen, Jotunheimen
Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway, Scandinavia and Northern Europe, at 2,469 m above sea level. It is located within the municipality of Lom, in the Jotunheimen mountain area.

Galdhøpiggen can usually be climbed in three ways from Spiterstulen: Easy, Hard and Extreme. It is possible to climb to the top of the “Gateway”, but we recommend a good knowledge and climbing guide for this.

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Besseggen, Norway

Besseggen is one of Norway’s most famous mountain hikes, and each year around 30,000 tourists enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of the ridge.

The hike over Besseggen takes six to eight hours including breaks and is recommended for experienced hikers. The ridge is both windy and steep, so if this is the first time you are hiking in the mountains, it might be a good idea to choose an easier alternative. To ensure that your mountain hike will be a good experience, it is important to prepare yourself before you start. We recommend that you have at least two days at your disposal to increase the chances of nice weather.

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The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Aurlandsdalen, Norway

Aurlandsdalen Valley
Aurlandsdalen is often described as the Grand Canyon of Norway. Lush nature, fantastic fjord views and roaring rivers that are perfect for outdoor activities.

The Aurlandsdalen Valley and Nærøyfjorden, located at the end of the Sognefjord, are two classic hiking areas with plenty of other outdoor adventures within easy reach. A few ideas that can be combined with hiking are to go kayaking on the fjord, cycle from 1,222 to 0 meters above sea level and join a RIB safari or fjord cruise. It is all there in one destination, making sure that you do not need to spend time on transfers.

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Rallarvegen, Norway

Rallarvegen, following the outskirts of the Hardangervidda Plateau, leads you along the Bergen Railway Line from Haugastøl via Finse, Hallingskeid, Myrdal and down to Flåm. It is also possible to follow the road down to Voss. The road by itself is an attraction, but it also brings you through a fantastic highland area starting at 1000 meters above sea level, peaking at 1350 meters for then to lead you back down to the fjords at sea level.

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The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Over Vidden, Bergen, Norway

Across Vidden, Bergen
The tour between Mount Ulriken and Mount Fløyen is one of the the most popular tours in Bergen. Beautiful views of Bergen and the region.

You can start and end your trip by taking Ulriken Cable Car or Fløibanen funicular. Between these two beautiful mountains you can see the fjords and islands around Bergen. On a clear day you can enjoy the view to Folgefonna glacier.

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Troll’s Tongue. Norway

Trolltunga (Troll’s Tonhue) is one of the most spectacular rock formations in Norway. It’s located 1,100 meters above sea level and about 700 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. Expect lofty and spectacular views. The hike is long and demanding, and passes through the high mountains.

The trail to Trolltunga is well signposted. From the main trailhead at P2 in Skjeggedal it is a 28 km return hike with an ascent of 1.200 and an estimated hiking time of 10–12 hours. There are additional trailheads at P1 in Tyssedal and P3 at Mågelitopp. Shuttle services connect Odda and P2 Skjeggedal and the P1, P2 and P3 parking lots.

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The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Gaustadtoppen, Norway

The majestic Gaustatoppen is considered one of Norway’s most beautiful mountains. Telemark’s highest peak can be found in the serene Tinn municipality. Many believe that the top of Gaustatoppen provides the best view Norway has to offer. In fact, on a clear day you are gazing out onto one-sixth of Norway’s landscape. You can see the mountain peaks and forest of Telemark, Oslo, and Buskerud municipalities as well as large parts of the Hardangervidda National Park.

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Kjerag, Norway

At 1084 metres, Kjerag towers above the other peaks along the Lysefjord. It has been traditional to admire this mountain face from the fjord, but in recent years, it has become increasingly popular to walk up the path to the plateau. Most people are happy just to enjoy the view of the Lysefjord from the plateau itself, but for some hikers, the climax of the excursion is to be photographed on the Kjeragbolten, a round rock wedged solidly in a mountain crevice. Kjerag has also become a popular attraction for mountain climbers and base jumpers.

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway
Pulpit Rock, Norway

Climbing to the top of Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) by the Lysefjord is one of Norway’s most popular hiking trips.

This hike is considered relatively easy by Norwegian standards. One can do the trip in just half a day, and there are multiple routes to choose from. A good alternative is to follow the main trail to the top, choosing one of the alternative routes downhill.

Feature image (on top): Romsdalstrappa, Åndalsnes

The 10 Most Popular Mountain Hiking Trails in Norway, compiled by Tor Kjolberg