The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm

The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm

The capital of Sweden will make you fall in love with it from the first glance, and perhaps this is due to its diversity. “All tourists will be surprised not only by the warm atmosphere but also by how much is unusual in this city,”  – shared their experience the young Best Writers Online  writing services review team. In fact, it is so. In this article, you will find the best 100 cheap and free things to do in Stockholm that you should pay attention to. 

Top 100 Cheap and Free Things and Places
All travelers should pay attention to the places and activities from this article as they are free or cheap. Everything what to see in Stockholm and what to do in Stockholm will be divided into categories to make it easier to navigate.

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The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm
Grand Square, Old City, Stockholm. Photo: Øyvind Holmstad/Wikipedia commons

Culture, Museums, Local Attractions
In this category, there are all the significant sights on which all tourists should pay their attention.

  1. The old city (Gamla Stan) personifies the spirit and the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.
  2. Visit Stortorget, this square remembers the bustling markets, executions, and speeches of the rulers.
  3. The Nobel Museum will introduce the names of outstanding scientists and discoveries that changed the world.
  4. Stadshuset (City Hall) of the 20th century, which all tourists should see.
  5. Prins Eugens Waldemarsudde will show you the luxury of royal life.
  6. Monteliusvägen is the best observation point to see the old city.
  7. The Hallwyl Museum is a mansion a museum of aristocrats that was built in the 19th century.
  8. At noon, you can see the ceremony of changing the guard at the Royal Palace.
  9. Walk along the narrowest street of Mårten Trotzigs Gränd (90 cm).
  10. On Bollhustäppan Street, there is the smallest monument to the boy.
  11. Take a tour of Carlson’s rooftops and experience the Lindgren Fairytale.
  12. Go down the subway, as this is an underground art gallery.
  13. There is an amazing place Skugschürkogorden (Forest Cemetery), which is not creepy but rather interesting.
  14. Artipelag is a center of modern art.
  15. Visit the Junibacken Museum where you will find yourself in a fabulous and magical world.
  16. Fotografiska is a center of modern photography.
  17. Immerse yourself in the ethnic world thanks to the Skansen open-air museum.
  18. Admire the sunken ship at the Vasa Museums.
  19. Storkyrkan Church opens a mysterious interior.
  20. Tyska Kyrkan Church, admire the stunning baroque interior.
  21. Visit the Rådhuset Court to enjoy the romantic architectural style.
  22. See the largest coin in Stockholm weighing 20 kg.
  23. Head to Historiska to see the real gold and Viking religions.
  24. Look at the triple sculptures and collections of Moderna Museet.
  25. Look at more than 8,000 ethnic and cultural artifacts from the 17-20th century in the Japanese Teahouse.
  26. Immerse yourself in another dimension at the City Library.
  27. The building of Hagaparken takes you to a fairy-tale world.
  28. Do not pass by the amazing botanical garden Bergianska trädgården.
  29. Steninge Castle has beautiful architecture, a park, and a glass-blowing workshop.
  30. In April, do not miss the cherry blossoms in Kungsträdgården.
  31. Globe Arena is a spherical building where concerts take place.
  32. Gröna Lund Tivoli is the oldest amusement park.
  33. Magasin 3 is a center of modern art.
  34. Last Home of Descartes, the house where the French philosopher lived.
  35. Solar System, the largest solar system model in the world.
  36. City Hall is the best place to see the town.
  37. Nordic Museum is a place to understand the local culture.
  38. Army Museum reflects the history of Sweden from 1500 to today.
  39. Tekniska Museet is the largest technology museum in the city.
  40. Bonniers Konsthall (Exhibition Hall), where you can learn a lot of new and unusual.

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The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm
Djurgården. Photo: Wikipedia commons

In this section, you will find options for an active holiday in Stockholm.

  1. Enjoy the local beauty by bike.
  2. Take a ride on a skateboard enjoying the local beauties.
  3. In winter, you can go to the Kungsträdgården ice rink.
  4. Friskis & Svettis is a national network of gyms that organize training in some parks.
  5. Hellasgården is the best place if you like the sauna.
  6. Rent a Segway, enjoy the beauties of the city with a modern form of transport.
  7. Eriksdalbadet (national swimming center) where you can have a great time.
  8. Lake Söderbysjön will reveal amazing nature and a nice beach.
  9. Watch the Classic Film from Filmhuset.
  10. Be sure to go on a tour of the water canals.
  11. Tantolunden is a park that is suitable for outdoor activities.

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The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm
Abba museum, Stockholm. Photo: Abba museum.

Entertainment, Amazing Places, and Activities
In this category, you will find truly unique places and activities that not all tourists know about.

  1. Visit the Abba Museum.
  2. In summer, pick up delicious berries at Tyresta Nationalpark.
  3. Absolut Icebar, in this bar everything is made of ice.
  4. The Devil’s Bible is a unique manuscript in the National Library.
  5. Buy seed in the orchard at Rosendals Trädgård and take a piece of Sweden home.
  6. Visit the Södermalm island, where there is the epicenter of fashionable life.
  7. Go to the Gondolin Bar, which is 38 meters above the water, and watch the magical sunset.
  8. Laugh at the stand-up show for free at The Big Ben Pub.
  9. Admire the free jazz music show at Lilla Hotellbaren.
  10. Buy smokeless tobacco called snus at Snusbutik.
  11. Huvudsta Loppmarknad Market is a great place for souvenirs.
  12. Biblioteksgatan Street is a place for shopping and evening walks.
  13. In summer, food and flea market begins on the Hornstullstrand promenade.
  14. Visit themed playground for children – Indianparken.
  15. Debaser is the place for those who like unexpected parties.
  16. Södra Teatern organizes Sunday brunch.
  17. Visit Buttericks fancy dress shop, here you can have fun and try on masks and interesting outfits.
  18. Subtopia circus school often has street performances that will surprise you.
  19. Visit IKEA by bus for free.
  20. Volvo Car Showroom is an interesting place for car enthusiasts.
  21. Go to Langbro Park and feed the ducks.
  22. Timmermansgården is a youth and a children’s park.
  23. At the end of the summer, you can go with locals for mushrooms at Djurgården.
  24. Galleri Kontrast offers photojournalism exhibitions.
  25. Use to find local places to visit.
  26. The R1 Nuclear Reactor is Sweden’s first nuclear reactor to watch.
  27. Light the Color by Numbers Tower with your smartphone.
  28. Visit the former bank building where the world-famous Stockholm Syndrome was born.
  29. Admire the gigantic water lilies at Victoriahuset.
  30. Spelmuseum is a separate museum dedicated to video games.
  31. Every Tuesday night, students scream into the sky (Lappis Scream).
  32. The Grave of Morgan, a monument to the most formidable Swedish military horse.
  33. Wooden Horse is a small museum of famous national toys.
  34. Pompe the Dog’s Grave, the grave of the beloved dog of the King of Sweden.
  35. Västerbron is the bridge of lovers.
  36. Snösätra Wall of Fame exhibition of graffiti.
  37. Östermalm is a district that is distinguished by its chic.
The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm
Flea market on Main Square, Stockholm. Photo: Visit Stockholm

Bars, Food, Markets
In this category, there are bars, places for snacks, and also markets.

  1. There are a lot of independent coffee houses, try coffee in Swedish.
  2. Take a pub tour as each one is unique.
  3. Spend your time in one of the Stockholm Language Cafes.
  4. Try Carlson’s favorite buns. Vete-Katten offers a kanelbulle (cinnamon rolls).
  5. Taste the fried herring at the Nystect Strumming.
  6. Aifur is a cafe that carries over during the Vikings.
  7. Buy fruits/vegetables directly from the garden at Slottstradgarden Ulriksadal.
  8. Cafe Langangens Gard will surprise not only with its fabulous interior but also with traditional Swedish cuisine.
  9. The interior of the String Café is striking, as the chairs are of different sizes, the wallpapers are different and the decor is from different centuries.
  10. Bruno’s Korvbar offers not expensive but good assortment of hot dogs.

The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm – Do You Think It’s All?

As you see, everyone can find something to their liking. Fans of antiquity will appreciate the narrow streets, colorful houses, and museums. Connoisseurs of the modern world will enjoy the metro, youth districts, and art centers. Stockholm is so amazing!

The Best 100 Cheap and Free Things To Do In Stockholm
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Feature image (on top): Scenic summer aerial panorama of the Old Town (Gamla stan)


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