The Best Spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen

The Best Spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen

There are plenty of things for you to see in Copenhagen beyond the beautifully colored Nyhavn and the Little Mermaid. There are many great places for you to visit which in most cases tend to be overlooked. You’ll be surprised to know that most of these spots are right next to famous tourist attraction sites that are usually in the spotlight. Here are some of the best suggestions for the best spots and hidden gems in Copenhagen Let’s get started!

University Gardens
Back in the day, the citizens of Copenhagen would spend their weekends dressing up in the finest gowns and visiting the University Gardens. Thanks to this romantic gesture, you can take a step back and enjoy this historical walk down the beautiful pathways among flower beds, groves, rose gardens and woods and creeks.

According to college papers, this is an ideal location for people who want to relieve stress and tension. At the moment, locals and students are the ones who stroll through this serene area because it’s not very close to the inner city. The University Gardens are a must-see for anyone visiting Copenhagen. If you’re traveling with your children, you can also visit the Frederiksberg Gardens with them and round it up with a visit to the zoo in the afternoon.

Bopa Plads
Bopa Plads square is in many ways similar to a little Berlin hideaway thanks to the hidden pocket of café relaxation hideout in Ostebro, a quiet residential area. By taking your time to relax in this place, you’ll be in for a wide variety of treats.

You’ll have an opportunity to sit below the treetops and enjoy a glass of lemonade or a cold beer from the adjacent cafes. And this will enhance your peace of mind. The atmosphere is comfy with an edge that displaces it from the neighborhood.

If you are looking to eat in this colorful and inviting place, there are great cafes around the corner such as the Pixie café. You’ll also find antique shops, boutiques, and delis which will make your day.

Assistens Cementry
Copenhagen’s Norrebro is one of the most vibrant and colorful areas thanks to the variety of cultures, bikes, warm greengrocers, ethnic eateries, and students. In the middle of this neighborhood, you’ll find the lovely and peaceful Assistens Cementry (Kirkegard) which hides behind a long yellow wall alongside Norrebrogade.

It is both a cemetery and a park. It’s one of the most charming spots in Copenhagen. Its tranquility sets it apart from the entire city. The majority of grand characters have been laid to rest here including the famous writer H.C. Andersen and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard.

The Best Spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen
You’ll probably notice, Copenhagen is full of lush greenery. From Østre Anlæg. Photo: Wikipedia commons
Østre Anlæg
As you’ll probably notice, Copenhagen is full of lush greenery, making it difficult to notice when you move away from the city center.

As paper writing service reports, Østre Anlæg is a great example and a perfect hideout located behind the Danish National Gallery. Once you are here, you’ll have the opportunity to peek inside the gallery and get a closer look at a wide of valuable and timeless art collections.

Taking a walk around Copenhagen’s old moat system and bringing your loved ones to the huge plays cape including a paddling pool, tennis court, swings, and fishing vessels will greatly enhance their experience in this area.

This spot is probably what most tourists would imagine Copenhagen to look and feel like. It was built back in the 19th century to accommodate the working class of Copenhagen. The cramped and charming two-story houses are among the best places to live in Copenhagen.

This spot was named Kartoffelrækkerne because it was built on old market gardens and its layout looked like rows of potatoes. The houses are located in the eastern parts of Copenhagen which are quiet and serene. They are also right next to the lakes. This makes Kartoffelrækkerne the ideal spot for strolling and jogging.

The Best Spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen
Brumleby got its name from the cows that would move around the area and chew grass all day long.
Brumleby is a small community and one of the earliest social housing examples in Denmark. Once you get here, you’ll see children playing on the streets, cats basking and laundry hanging out to dry in the sun. You’ll just feel calm and at ease, once you get to this place.

According to assignment help, this small village has developed thanks to the love and unity among its inhabitants. The Danish Medical Association created Brumleby for workers back in the 19th century. It got its name from the cows that would move around the area and chew grass all day long. Take a walk and let your children have fun in the twisted playhouses.

The lakes
There are three consecutive lakes near Norreport Station named Peblinge Sø, Sankt Jørgens Sø and Sortedamssøen Sø. The locals simply refer to them as The Lakes. It’s one of the best parks in Copenhagen. The buildings along the lakes are vibrant and beautiful thus making it a great relaxing spot. There are a few benches along the lakes and grassy spots under treetops. The best thing about this spot is it’s located in the center of the town. You’ll find most locals jogging or having a picnic here.
Botanical Gardens
Another park that you should visit in Copenhagen is the Botanical Gardens. It is located near Rosenberg and Norreport Station. It’s a very quiet and serene place despite being in the town’s center. The park has ponds, flower gardens, and trees. There are also greenhouses that you can visit at any time. The Botanical Gardens are quiet and serene thus making it ideal for people who want to relax and have a good time.
The Best Spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen
Grundtvig church was built in the 1920s. Photo Visit Copenhagen
Grundtvig’s church
Copenhagen is filled with lots of beautiful churches. Grundtvig’s church tops the list thanks to the hidden gems of the famous Danish philosopher and composer Grundtvig. The church was built back in the 1920s. The architecture is a combination of Brick and Gothic Expressionism. The interior is minimalistic; however, it’s gorgeous.
According to edubirdie reviews, walking through the neighborhoods of Copenhagen when traveling will greatly improve your experience. Vesterbro is home to some of the famous sights in Copenhagen such as Carlsberg Brewery and Frederiksberg Palace. Most tourists don’t walk through the neighborhood. This means that you’ll have a lot of space to yourself.
The Best Spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen
Østerbrogade. Photo: Wikipedia commons
Østerbro is another great neighborhood in Copenhagen with a unique mix of historic and modern architecture. It is home to the largest park in Copenhagen called Fælledparken. You’ll get the chance to see architecture inspired by Victorian. There are also several shops and restaurants in the area.
The best spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen – conclusion
Copenhagen is an amazing place for both solo and group travelers. Most of the famous sights in the rea are usually overlooked. And this makes it easier for you to explore these areas and have a wonderful experience. As a local, you can escape the rush of the city by visiting these calm and serene spots.
The Best Spots and Hidden Gems in Copenhagen
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Feature image (on top): Bopa Plads. Photo: Christian Lindgren/Visit Copenhagen