The Danish Heavy-Weight Architect

The Danish Heavy-Weight Architect

Christian Frederic Møller (1898-1988) was a Danish architect, professor and, from 1965 to 1969, the first rector of the Aarhus School of Architecture.  His architecture firm C. F. Møller was founded in 1924. Today, it is the largest architectural firm in Denmark with branch offices in several countries. Learn more about the Danish heavy-weight architect.

Christian Frederic Møller first trained as a mason and later studied architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He graduated in 1920 and went on study trips to England, Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland.

The Danish Heavy-Weight Architect
Christian Frederic Møller (1898-1988)

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In Norway, the architectural company C. F. Møller might be associated with developing hospitals because of its high profile project Akershus University Hospital in Oslo. However, the company has always had a passion for developing urban spaces and has more to offer.

The company claims to create architectural quality based on innovation, experience and Nordic values. This assures sustainable and aesthetic solutions with lasting value for clients, occupants and society.

The company’s winning proposal for Aarhus University in 1931 consisted of individual faculty buildings arranged along the margin of an undulating park setting. The first building at the site was completed in 1933.

The Danish Heavy-Weight Architect
A new stadium built over the famous Bislett stadiun in Oslo 2004-2005. Photo: NCC

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When C. F. Møller won the bid for three major restorations and construction projects in Oslo, its place amongst Norwegian architectural heavy-weights was secured. The company’s work on Bislett Stadium and Domus Media in Oslo were important projects which documents this.

“We regard environmental concerns, resource-consciousness, healthy project finances, social responsibility and good craftsmanship as essential elements of our work.  This ethos is fundamental to all our projects, a thread which runs from master-planning to detail design,” says manager Christian Dahle.

The Danish Heavy-Weight Architect
Bike parking in Oslo

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Today, C.F. Møller has approximately 350 employees. The head office is in Aarhus, Denmark and there are branches in Copenhagen, Aalborg, Oslo, Stockholm, Malmö and Berlin.

The Danish Heavy-Weight Architect, written by Tor Kjolberg
Feature image (on top): Vestby urban center outside Oslo

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