The Danish Twin Islands Lolland-Falster


The two islands Lolland and Falster, commonly just called Lolland-Falster are only separated by a narrow strait, Gulborgsund. A new ferry link, the Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link, is due to open in 2021 and will connect Rødby in Lolland with Puttsgarden in Germany. The Danish twin islands Lolland-Falster are worth a visit.

The Farø bridges connect Zealand to Falster and the ferry routes to Germany. The main town on the island Falster is Nykøbing, noted for the Czarens Hus (Tsar’s House), where Peter the Great stayed in 1716, which now houses the Falsters Mint Museum of local history.

The Danish Twin Islands Lolland-Falster
The Farø bridges connect Zealand to Falster and the ferry routes to Germany.

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Fuglsang Museum of Art
From Maribo, just off the Nykøbing-Nysted road (Route 297) you’ll find the Fuglsang Kunstmuseum (Fuglsang Museum of art). The paintings displayed there, echoes some of the landscapes in the area, originally collected by brewer Carl Jacobsen from 1887 onwards.

The Danish Twin Islands Lolland-Falster
Fuglsang Museum of Art

Medieval Center in Nykøbing
In Nykøbing you can time-travel to the days of damsels and knights at the recreated early 15th-century Medieval Center, a village populated by numerous costumed craftspeople at work.

The Danish Twin Islands Lolland-Falster
From Medieval Center, Nykøbing

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Beach holidays
The area around Marielyst to the southeast, has miles of white sand dunes where families take beach holidays. A choice of bridges links Falster to Lolland.

The Danish Twin Islands Lolland-Falster
Lolland-Falster beaches

The 12th-century castle Aalholm Slot is closed to visitors, but you can visit the Automobile Museum in its grounds.

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From Aalholm, the road north runs past lakes to Knuthenborg safari park.

In the far west, the Tärs to Spodsberg crossing connects the island with Langeland and Funen.

Feature image (on top): From Medieval Center, Nykøbing

The Danish Twin Islands Lolland-Falster, compiled by Tor Kjolberg

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