The Islands Off Bergen Norway

The Islands Off Bergen Norway

We’ve recently visited Voss, and from this charming little mountain town, we take the train to Bergen. In this article, we’ll concentrate on some of the charming islands just off Bergen Norway.

If you’re going by car, you could drive the E16 from Voss, but as train enthusiasts, we go by train as often as possible. North of the city of Bergen, two islands, Askøy and Osterøy have their own character, while the long narrow island of Sotra to the west shelters Bergen from the North Sea.

The Islands Off Bergen Norway
The long narrow island of Sotra shelters Bergen from the North Sea. Photo: Wikipedia

Sea-canoeing around small off-shore islands
It’s a good base for sea-canoeing in and out of the small offshore islands and rocks and, in good weather, as far as the open sea to combine canoeing with ocean fishing.

The area around Bjørnafjord (Bear Fjord) to the south of Bergen, is very green and enjoys a particularly mild climate.

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The Islands Off Bergen Norway
Farm family Holset Aqua near Storfjorden. Photo: EA Hofseth Stordahl/Innovation Norway

Fish farming at Nordfjordland
Nordfjordland is a district of islands north of Bergen, that stretches as far as Sognefjord. Fish farming is the economic mainstay here, and the region exports salmon and trout all round the world. There is good sea fishing for cod and coalfish, and rosy-colored trout inhabit many of the lakes. Diving and sub-aqua fishing are easy in these transparent waters.

Oil is still important
Oil is a modern, though not conflicting industry in this area, with the Mongstad refinery illuminated at night.

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The Islands Off Bergen Norway
The Briksdal glacier at Nordfjord. Photo: Visit Norway

To the north, the remote island of Fedje was an important navigation point for many centuries, with two 19th century lighthouses. Norwegian maritime rules insist that all ships must carry a Norwegian pilot, which here is vital, as tankers serving the Mongstad refinery navigate through the everchanging waters.

The Islands North and Around Bergen Norway, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Bjørnafjorden fleeting bridge. Photo: Norconsult