The Most Patriotic Danes

The Most Patriotic Danes

South Jutland has some of the most patriotic Danes in the country, particularly the generations who remember the area when it was officially part of Germany’s Schleswig duchy from 1864 to 1920.

Kolding was a border town on the Danish side at the time, and historical sights abound. Of particular interest are the remains of Koldinghus Slot, a castle built in 1268, and Trapholt, with a fine collection of modern art.

The Most Patriotic Danes
View from Tønder water tower. Photo: Wikipedia.

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Driving south 15km (9 miles), the Danish Moravian town of Christanfeld is famous for its scrumptious honey cakes. Further south, close to the German border, Sønderborg is a striking town on Als Island, with a colorful harbor and the mighty Sønderborg Slot, a fortress built around 1100.

Just to the west, Dybbøl was a key battlefield in the 1864 war with Germany; the Danish army suffered a huge defeat. Dybbøl Mill, restored and painted white, is now a national historic park and its Dybbøl Banke history center, dedicated to the battle, is open to the public.

The Most Patriotic Danes
Dybbøl mill. Photo: Wikipedia.

On the western side of south Jutland is Tønder, a lace-making center in the 17th century, documented in Tønder Museum. Tønder has attractive 17th– and 18th-century houses, many with distinctive painted doorways, and hosts Denmark’s biggest folk festival at the end of August at Møgeltønder, 3km (2 miles) to the west. The village street is lined with lime trees.

Schackenberg Slot is home to Prince Joachim (fourth in succession) and his second wife, Princess Marie, who he married in May 2008. The couple have two children, Count Henrik and Countess Athena. They no longer hold a princely title. The prince expressed his sadness at his mother’s decision to make that change.

The Most Patriotic Danes, written by Tor Kjolberg
Feature image (on top) Wool street in Tönder © Visit Denmark


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