The Norwegian Skeleton Woman

The Norwegian Skeleton Woman

Norwegian freelance scenographer and artist Signe Becker’s work includes theatre- and dance productions, as well as personal art projects, mainly textile works, sculptures and video. Skeleton Woman is a new performance by Signe Becker and Ingvild Langgård – a site specific work, part choir piece, part scenic performance – and a live sculpture with ritual and mythical aspects. Read more about the Norwegian Skeleton Woman.

Since 2011 Becker has made several collaborations with choreographer Ingri Fiksdal and artist Ingvild Langgård, projects that have been (and still are) touring several countries. Becker’s art work has been represented at exhibitions such as «Høstutstillingen» The Autumn Exhibition in Oslo, «Trøndelagsutstillingen» at Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art in Trondheim, and The Norwegian Short Film Festival in Grimstad.

The Norwegian Skeleton Woman
Signe Nordli Becker grew up in a small arctic town at the top of Norway
Silent drama
Becker represented Norway at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space 2015. In January 2019 Becker started as a PhD student in artistic development work at Oslo Academy of the Arts, exploring the potential for silent drama in the space between the theater and the gallery.

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Skeleton Woman is part of Becker’s PhD studies at Oslo Academy of the Arts. Ingvild Langgård is a composer, musician and sound artist.

Signe Nordli Becker grew up in a small arctic town at the top of Norway, where you see reindeers on the road with Nordic Light moving in the sky. A trip to Bali to study philosophy made her curious of life and people. She moved to Oslo to work and decided to visit South America for three months. Then suddenly Oslo was too small.

The Norwegian Skeleton Woman
Wishful beginnings, by Signe Becker
From merchandiser to visual culture
She got a job in Paris for the company Sia as a merchandiser and designer in 2000, and since then she has been traveling and creating new designs. In 2006 she earned a bachelor’s degree in scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy (NTA) in Fredrikstad and in 2008 a master’s degree in visual culture from Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

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In recent years, she has worked on a number of productions and since 2006 she has been a permanent scenographer at Verk Produksjoner. Their performances have been nominated for the Norwegian Hedda Award for performing arts, the performance Det eviga leendet (2011) and Stalker (2013) won the Norwegian Hedda Award for performing art. Becker have been nominated three times for best Scenography and costume design.

The Norwegian Skeleton Woman
Please please me, by Signe Becker
Inspired by the Sami culture
Becker says her inspiration comes from her childhood nature in the North of Norway, the culture of the Sami as well as art and antique markets in Paris. Her passions are the beauty of nature, colors, arts and what life brings to you.

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Langgård composes and performs sound and music for stage, ensemble, film, as well as live performances and sound installations. She has released two albums under the name Phaedra.

The Norwegian Skeleton Woman, written by Tor Kjolberg