The Story of a Danish Shelving System


The Man behind the Montana shelving system, Danish Peter J. Lassen invented freedom in a box – and he never turns old.

“Creating good design demands honesty and respect,” says Peter J. Lassen, the creator of Montana shelf system, whose simple and functional designs have become classics. When he developed the Montana System, there was a detailed mathematic and philosophical principle behind it. That’s why the design has been renowned for its simplicity and the functionality of their design.

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The Story of a Danish Shelving System
Montana bathroom 2017

From a career as a naval officer, Peter J. Lassen switched to the furniture industry in 1954. In 1982 he founded Montana Møbler A/S in Hårby, on the Danish island of Funen. For many years he worked with the architects Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton, by whom he has been strongly influenced. The evidence is seen in the clean lines and functionality of his design.

The Story of a Danish Shelving System
Peter J. Lassen

The mathematic calculations are complex and based on 5.7 cm, but the philosophy is quite simple: Every Montana element should be able to be infinitely combined and be practical, good­ looking, durable and independent of changes in fashion.

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“It must be possible to revolutionize the interior design culture and provide everyone with the potential to put together a room with a personalized touch,” he says. Father-and-son team Peter and Joakim Lassen have designed many of Montana’s products – often in collaboration with Montana’s design team or with external designers.

The Story of a Danish Shelving System
Montana living furniture collection

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The Story of a Danish Shelving System
Montana office system 2016

“Montana has become a system about freedom, not only at the moment the choice is made, but the freedom to alter the style, composition and function, whenever the urge strikes you,” says Peter Lassen.

The Story of a Danish Shelving System, written by Tor Kjolberg