The Top Packing Suggestions for a Trip to Norway

The Top Packing Suggestions for a Trip to Norway

Do you have a trip to Norway around the corner? Leaving in a couple days and your suitcase is still untouched? If you’re a bit stumped on what to pack because all the information online points to different weather trends, don’t worry! Learn about the top packing suggestions for a trip to Norway.

Read on for the top packing suggestions for your upcoming trip to this stunning Scandinavian country.

The Top Packing Suggestions for a Trip to Norway
Bring your wool sweather
  1. Pack for all seasons

You might be going in the height of summer, but you should be packing for any eventuality. The one constant with the weather in Norway is that it’s always changing. Be prepared for a hot sunny day to quickly turn freezing with a biting wind and drizzle. The best option is to pack a lot of layers so you can adjust frequently during the day, from a hot, sweaty hike to the cold breeze on the summit.

  1. Dress like the locals

Wool is a common material used in Norwegian clothing and you should consider packing some wool clothing as well. As per Joan Denver, a travel blogger at Australian Help and Paper Fellows, “wool allows you to be prepared for all seasons, because it keeps you warm in colder weather but it also absorbs sweat really well when you get active. Whether you’re on a travel day on the plane or hiking up a mountain, bring some wool layers to always be comfortable.”

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The Top Packing Suggestions for a Trip to Norway
The best option is to pack a lot of layers so you can adjust frequently during the day
  1. Use a layering system

As previously mentioned, the best way to pack for Norway is to have a lot of layers so you can easily switch during the day. Your first layer against the skin should be a thin woollen t-shirt (or other wicking material). The second layer is the insulation layer, either a fleece jacket or a down jacket which can pack down small into your day pack or tie around your waist. The third and final layer is the shell, which protects you from the elements like wind and rain. This is necessary in Norway regardless of the time of year you’re visiting. Get a nice waterproof and breathable shell jacket, and get similar pants if you’ll be doing a lot of outdoors activities.

  1. Pack the right shoes

It’s hard to narrow down how many shoes to bring on a trip, and Norway is no different. You should have at least two shoes, if not three. Hiking boots that are waterproof or water resistant are a must if you’re planning on doing any kind of hiking. Then, you need to have sneakers that are comfortable yet fashionable for walking around cities. Finally, a third pair is fancier for going out to a nice dinner in the evening – you can eliminate this pair if you’re not planning on big nights out or your city shoes are acceptable.

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The Top Packing Suggestions for a Trip to Norway
Good shoes are essential
  1. Pack mittens and a scarf – even in summer

Even if you’re going to Norway in the middle of the summer and there’s nice weather forecasted for every day of your trip, you should still pack a hat, gloves, and a scarf. Dan Frasier, a lifestyle writer at Academized and State of Writing, explains that “whether you’re hiking by a fjord exposed to the wind of sitting at an outdoor café on a cold day (many cafes are outdoors even in cold weather), you need to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is feel cold to the bones every day of your vacation.”

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  1. Pack for comfort

At the end of the day, you want to pack more for comfort and practicality than for style. If you can combine both, that’s perfect, but if not, always put comfort first. Don’t worry about feeling like you’re too casual or “hiker-chic” – Norwegians won’t mind. You’ll get more strange looks if you show up in too trendy clothing that’s not weather appropriate. You also shouldn’t be surprised to see Norwegians out in shorts or skirts in 10-20 degrees Celsius (50-70 F). As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer and the sun comes out, everyone rejoices and pulls out their summer clothing.

Keep an eye on the weather channels, but don’t rely on them too much. Make sure you have clothing appropriate for all instances, and pack a day bag so you can quickly add and remove layers. Happy travels!

Feature image (on top): Christmas sweather from Dale of Norway.

The Top Packing Suggestions for a Trip to Norway, written for Daily Scandinavian by Ellie Coverdale.

The Top Packing Suggestions for a Trip to Norway
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