The Two Peaceful Towns in South Funen, Denmark

The Two peaceful Towns in South Funen, Denmark

Funen is the third-largest island of Denmark and is located in the central part of the country. The main city is H. C. Andersen’s birthplace, but you should not miss the two peaceful towns of Fåborg and Svenborg in South Funen.

Fåborg is a charming little town where Klokketårnet, Europe’s largest carillon, chimes out a hymn four times a day. Other low-key attractions include Fåborg Museum for Fynsk Kunst, an art gallery featuring the “Funen artists” (1880-1920), including Peter Hansen, Fritz Syberg and Johannes Larsen with sculptures by Kai Nielsen.

The Two peaceful Towns in South Funen, Denmark
Fåborg marked. Photo: MaDS / vISIT fAABORG

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The heather-covered Svanninge Bakker about 10km (6 miles) of Fåborg, is a natinal park. Svendborg is a beautiful market town and makes a good center for touring. Along Fåborg, it is the gateway to the southern islands, called the South Funen Archipelago including some 55 low-lying Danish islands, including Ærø, Tåsinge, Thurø, Lyø, Strynø and Avernakø.

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The Two peaceful Towns in South Funen, Denmark
From Svendborg. Photo: Wikipedia

The unmissable Egeskov Slot north of Svendborg is one of Denmark’s most famous historic sights, a moated castle set in magnificent Baroque and Renaissance gardens. Egeskov means oak forest – legend says that an entire forest of the threes was felled around 1540 to form the piles the castle stands on.

The castle and grounds are filled with wonders, including a mysterious Wooden Man sculpture, the awesomely detailed doll’s house, Titania’s Palace, three mazes, a tree-top walk and nine museums, including a Veteranmuseum (Veteran Motor Museum), containing a fine collection of vintage cars, aircraft and motor cycles.

The Two Peaceful Towns in South Funen, Denmark, written by Tor Kjolberg

Feature image (on top): Visit Svendborg


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