The Ultimate Jaw-Dropping Scandinavian Wedding Destinations

The Ultimate Jaw-Dropping Scandinavian Wedding Destinations

A wedding is a happy day that is full of joy and positive emotions. We will show you the amazing places in Scandinavia that will help make the wedding perfect. Find out mor about the ultimate jaw-dropping Scandinavian wedding destinations.

Everyone wants to be happy. But happiness is only possible next to an ideal companion who shares your interests, life values ​​and is your true soulmate. Finding such a partner is not easy and sometimes takes a lot of time. But when we finally find the perfect couple, the wedding day becomes the happiest in our life. Because at that moment single hearts begin to beat to the beat.

And this day must be pleasant, full of positive emotions, and spectacular. The place for the ceremony should also be chosen with particular care. A great option would be a beautiful, harsh, and charming Scandinavia. Thanks to our blog, you will find out some interesting places that will surprise you and your guests.

The Ultimate Jaw-Dropping Scandinavian Wedding Destinations
On the Danish island Ærø, you will find many places suitable for organizing a wedding
This Beautiful Scandinavia with Amazing Color
The Scandinavian peninsula attracts with its amazing nature and unique flavor. It is interesting that each country has its mentality and features, so that you have not one, but several options for choice. Then it’s time to go on a trip to Scandinavia to find the best place for your wedding!
Norway: Viking Style Wedding
Fans of the harsh north should pay attention to Norway. The famous Norwegian fjords, framed by a chain of magnificent mountains, will be a great place to organize a wedding ceremony. The Nærøy Fjord, Gudvangen Fjord, and Geiranger Fjord are some of the most beautiful bays where weddings can be arranged. Just imagine crystal clear water, mountains rushing into the sky, dotted with cascades of waterfalls, old houses, and Viking boats – all this will create the atmosphere of a real northern fairy tale.

Here the bride and groom can play a wedding, styled in antiquity, dressed up in national costumes. After the ceremony, we advise you to go horseback riding in the mountains or take a water cruise along the Norwegian bays. If you like “civilized” weddings, we recommend the capital of Oslo. Here you can organize a symbolic wedding in the old castle of Akerhus. And of course, do not forget to ride your wedding car along the famous Atlantic Road!

The Ultimate Jaw-Dropping Scandinavian Wedding Destinations
Each country in Scandinavia. has its mentality and features. Photo: Joel Overbeck/Unsplash

Lofoten Islands. Sharp, jagged, steep, and beautiful mountain lines on the border of Northern Norway capture the eye and gain excitement. The coast here is dotted with charming fishing red houses that seem to be an illustration of fairy tales. An ideal option for a couple who wants to hold a wonderful and interesting ceremony, creating a small masterpiece (an amazing photoshoot) and discovering new beautiful places on earth.

Denmark: Country of Happy People
In a few minutes, we arrive in Denmark – the country where the happiest people in the world live! It is not surprising, because there are no traffic jams, trains travel without drivers, and residents read out the tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Denmark is not only super-modern technologies but also old quarters, neat colored houses, yachts, wheat fields and a lot of greenery.

Pay attention to the picturesque Danish islands: Ærø, Zeeland and Funen. Here you will find many places suitable for organizing a wedding – these are old castles, estates, and private hotels. And, of course, the possibility of a wedding ceremony on the seashore. Just imagine, your wedding photos will be similar to illustrations for fairy tales, and the video clip will save the most beautiful and touching moments.

The Ultimate Jaw-Dropping Scandinavian Wedding Destinations
Wedding of Swedish princess Madeleine. Photo: Wikipedia commons
Sweden: Royal Wedding
Royal palaces, red-tiled roofs, the smell of coffee and cinnamon rolls. Yes, we are approaching Sweden, a country where kings and queens still rule and where welfare society reigns. Here, both official registration of marriage and a symbolic ceremony is possible. The venue of your wedding may be the small Osgård Castle, which is located in the outback on the banks of the beautiful Lake Mälaren. This is the perfect place for an eco-friendly wedding. However, if you want something more extraordinary, for example, to feel like the Snow Queen, then come to the north of Sweden.

in the small town of Jukkasjärvi beyond the Arctic Circle, there is a unique hotel, completely made of ice blocks. It has existed for 30 years, and every November a group of artists, designers, and architects from different countries come here to build a new hotel version with the help of thousands of tons of ice from the Tornö River by the beginning of the winter season.

Guests are accommodated in ice rooms decorated with sculptures and designer furniture. All objects are highlighted, which enhances the already indelible impression of such a night. Regardless of the weather on the street, there is always a temperature of -5 … -8 ° C. But in the morning, you will find hot lingonberry juice and a sauna.

The Ultimate Jaw-Dropping Scandinavian Wedding Destinations
Wedding in Ice Hotel, Sweden
Original and Nontrivial Weddings
You can also pay attention to the world’s largest island, Danish Greenland. This is a wedding venue for couples who can call themselves fearless explorers. Cool climate, enchanting landscapes, and a mighty ocean chained with ice on the horizon. There are also entertainments such as climbing, skiing, iceberg hunting, whale watching, and flying over the immense tundra.
A Few Wedding Tips
A wedding is an unforgettable experience and positive emotions for a lifetime. But here you can make a few mistakes that will add negativity and make you worry. Remember that organizing an event in another country is a complex process, and there are no trifles. Therefore, try to pay attention to small things:
choose the places that are suitable for you and your partner;

pay attention to the climate and terrain;

if you invite guests, take care of hotels and transport;

contact a professional photographer who can capture the happiest moments of your life.

The right approach to this process will turn the wedding not just into spectacular action, but on the happiest day of your life.

The Ultimate Jaw-Dropping Scandinavian Wedding Destinations, written for Daily Scandinavian by Sandra Mason. Sandra is a passionate journalist who has been contributing to major media publications. She enjoys writing about human psychology and lifestyle. Sandra also runs her blog where she covers topics of great interest in modern society.

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