To Norway to Eat Pizza


Rest assured, this is not a pizza commercial.  

Two Estonian women, while working at a Norwegian company in Tallin,  heard such great praise from their employer about Peppe’s Pizza in Norway , particularly about one item on the menu, the “Moby Dick”,  that they decided to fly to Oslo – solely in order to sample this vaunted pizza.

The two women had followed all the customer complaints on Facebook regarding the removal of Moby Dick from Peppe’s menu and its subsequent reinstatement which brought on the decision to travel to Norway and taste it for themselves.

Kirke Hellamaa (left) and Helena Tammik Right. Editor Tor Kjolberg in the middle
Kirke Hellamaa (left) and Helena Tammik (right), editor Tor Kjolberg in the middle

Last week Helena Tammik and Kirke Hellamaa visited Peppes Pizza on Oslo’s main street, Karl Johans gate. They smiled broadly when they finally were served their Moby Dick pizza with its curry and garlic marinated shrimps, leeks and fresh peppers topped with lime wedges.  For more than a year customers had protested and struggled to get Moby Dick back on the menu, and now the two Estonian ladies finally were able to confirm that they fully understood why customers wanted it there again

“It is fantastic good and responds fully to our expectations,” said the two simultaneously. “We had a look at the dessert menu too, but now we are so filled up that we actually cannot have more food for a long while”.

Peppe’s Pizza is a Norwegian pizza franchise, established in 1970 by two Americans, Louis Jordan and his wife Anne from Hartford, Connecticut.  Peppe’s, serving American and Italian style pizza, is the largest pizza chain in Scandinavia today and is part of the Umoe Catering Company.

Helena Tammik and Kirke Hellamaa were efficiently served by Markus
Helena Tammik and Kirke Hellamaa were efficiently served by Markus

Peppe’s Pizza was one of the first restaurants to bring foreign foods to Norway, serving more than 9 million pizzas a year.

The best selling fiction book The Seducer by Norwegian author Jan Kjærstad documents an actual history of the pizza chain.

All photographs: Lasse Tur

To Norway to Eat Pizza, written by Tor Kjolberg