Top 10 Beverages in Sweden

Top 10 Beverages in Sweden

It’s well known that most other countries perceive Swedes as honest, friendly and modern (and unequivocally good-looking!) Little, though, is known about alcoholic beverages in Sweden – here, we attempt to enlighten you as we explore exactly what the Swedish like to drink. Read more about the top 10 beverages in Sweden.

This simply translates as ‘burn-wine’. It is the Swedish version of liquor that is distilled from potatoes or grain. This type of liquor most commonly includes vodka and there are plenty of variants of that spirit a bit further down the list.

There are flavored and unflavored versions of Brännvin. The one that is always flavored with spices is Akvavit.

Top 10 Beverages in Sweden
Swedish aquavit

Or ‘Aquavit’ if you’ve ever been lucky enough to try it outside of the country’s borders. Created from the quintessentially Swedish drink of Brännvin, and traditionally spiced with caraway or dill, it has a distinct spicy flavor that has been warming Swedish throats since the 16th century. Akvavit is an important cultural drink in Sweden that is usually drunk during festive gatherings like Christmas and weddings. It is sometimes traditionally followed by a swig of beer.

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Beer in Sweden, as in most other Northern European countries, is a staple of many a night out and goes hand in hand with dinners, lunches and swift breaks in the countryside. The most famous and loved Swedish beers include ‘Slottskällans Imperial Stout’ and ‘Nils Oscar Imperial Stout’ which is usually in limited editions but more commonly served in English-style pint glasses throughout the land. There are numerous breweries in Sweden and if you get a chance to taste some of the more independent ones, then jump right in.

The water most beers are made with in Sweden is crystal clear!

Omnipollo Nebuchadnezzar

Sweden’s most famous beer. It was originally a home recipe that became so popular with locals that it was scaled up to a national operation. It has the revered status of being the Gold medal winner at the Stockholm Beer Festival and the best Swedish Beer. It is also listed as being on the thirty greatest IPA beers to drink before you die.

Slottskällans Imperial Stout

Normally bottled but sometimes on the pump, you will find that every Swede knows this brand and you won’t find many bars and restaurants that don’t stock it. It has a malty, roasted aroma with a light and sweet aftertaste. It is lighter than most, but it is still an obvious stout, with a slight hint of Guinness to it.

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Top 10 Beverages in Sweden
Absolute Vodka

Some of the most famous vodkas in the world come from Sweden. This is due to the country’s geographical location and historical heritage as part of the ‘Vodka Belt’. Absolut Vodka is produced in Southern Sweden and is sold and known all over the world. Don’t forget about ‘Explorer Vodka’ which was created by the Swedish government in the 1950’s to be exported to the United States. It is now the most popular vodka in Sweden.


Absolut (without an ‘e’) is the third largest spirits company in the world, third only behind Bacardi and Smirnoff. It is one of Sweden’s most famous brands and it’s vodka based drinks that show up in every possible location. It was one of the first companies to test flavored vodkas with some pretty diverse tastes including – Pepper, Apple, Mango, Acai Berry, Chilli, and Wild Tea. You will sometimes find special edition bottles in stores with different ‘skins,’ celebrating the time of year or an event.

Top 10 Beverages in Sweden
Swedish cider

Only ciders made from apples or pears can officially be marketed as real cider in Sweden. They tend to be sweet and are available in bottled editions and sometimes from the pump. Kopparberg is one of the most popular and well loved varieties of Swedish cider with a huge international reputation. You’ll also find Rekorderlig bottled cider which is available in as many fruit flavors as you can imagine.

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Top 10 Beverages in Sweden
Swedish wine

Sweden is not hugely known for its wine but as in most Scandinavian countries, you will find that mulled wine at special times of the year is in huge demand. The term of Swedish wine is also applied to fruit wine which is varied and can be found in many outlets and restaurants.

Top 10 Beverages in Sweden
Swedish cocktail

Although cocktails are known worldwide, it is part of a Swedish night out to indulge in one of the thousands of local cocktails available for every taste. Sweden has a lot of Russian influences so the ‘White Russians’ made with Swedish vodka is of a particular necessity! You’ll also find some Swedish favorites – Absolute Red Tea, Bing Crosby, Fem-Bot, and the creamy and absolutely gorgeous Filmjolk!

Top 10 Beverages in Sweden
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