Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia

Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia

Scandinavian countries house some of the most prestigious universities with so many benefits that if you want to study abroad, it is a must to apply to one of the institutes there. Learn more about the top 5 research areas in Scandinavia.

If one word could describe the Scandinavian nations, ‘innovation’ would undoubtedly be a strong contender. All these Northern European countries, as well as Finland and Iceland, routinely do highly in worldwide polls designed to assess how inventive and innovation-friendly countries are. Sweden, for example, was rated second (losing only by Switzerland) in INSEAD’s Global Innovation Index 2017, with Denmark sixth, Norway 19th, Finland eighth, and Iceland 13th.

Scandinavian  universities
Scandinavian universities provide their best for students interested in research. Sweden, the origin of the Nobel Prize, Volvo, ABBA, and IKEA, provides students with the opportunity to connect with a distinctive culture of forward-thinking and creativity. However, three notable study alternatives should be considered while applying to study due to the country’s innovative brilliance, inventiveness, and progressive social attitudes.

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Academic courses equip students with the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their chosen fields. Courses in Scandinavia cover a wide range of subjects, including design, management, psychology, and business, to mention a few. The innovative programs in Scandinavia include unique learning techniques such as group work, practical applications, interactive sessions, and technology integration, and study possibilities may consist of a regular classroom environment, distance learning, or online.

Here are the top 5 research areas if you are considering applying to one of the Scandinavian institutes.

Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia
Engineering is one of the most rising fields all over the world. Photo: Shane Rounce/Unsplash

Engineering is one of the most rising fields all over the world, so in the Scandinavian institutes. Students interested in primary vs secondary Research or creative mindsets can look for their field of interest in universities like Lund and Stockholm.

Graduates gain knowledge on how to manage and repair equipment. Their problem-solving and pragmatic analytical thinking abilities are strengthened through traditional classrooms and lab exercises. Students also learn verbal and written communication skills necessary for following job instructions and reading engineering drawings. The usage of standard safety equipment and best practices in the workplace are also taught.

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Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia
Scandinavia is a technical powerhouse. Photo: thisisengineering Raeng/Unsplash

Scandinavia is a technical powerhouse, having invented the adjustable wrench, dynamite, and the controversial file-sharing site The Pirate Bay. Swedish inventions include Soundcloud, Skype, Spotify, and Ericsson, as well as a slew of cool devices like Zaplox, a smartphone app that allows you to electrically open doors, and hövding, an inflated collar that functions as an airbag if you’re ever in a bike crash.

With a couple of crucial international investors flocking to Scandinavia searching for the next Spotify, opportunities, and advancements in the technology sector are only poised to expand. That is a piece of great news for students studying Technology and General Engineering and other related Engineering, Computer Programming, and IT fields.

Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia
Four Swedish universities rank among the top 200 in the world for Politics and Internal Studies. Photo: Ross Findon/Unsplash

Social sciences
Scandinavia has the most significant wealth equality globally, thanks to its socially progressive stance and egalitarian cultural ideals. Sweden was recently named the world’s most advanced and tolerant country by the Social Progress Index, a title mirrored in its high-caliber academic programs: four Swedish universities rank among the top 200 in the world for Politics and International Studies.

Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia
Everybody can recognize Swedish design’s clean, practical style. Photo: Fakurian Design/Unsplash

Scandinavians are not just innovative in technology; everybody can recognize Swedish design’s clean, practical style. Pieces from Swedish furniture giant IKEA and apparel company H&M have caught the globe by storm for their innovative take on combining simplicity with functionality. The possibilities for new paths in Scandinavian design are limitless, thanks to a broad creative focus on the potential of resources, contemporary technology, and sustainable development.

Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia
Universities in Scandinavia provide the world’s best finance courses for students. Photo: Carlos Muza/Unsplash

Analytical finance
Financial analytics is the process of developing ad hoc analysis to address particular business problems and anticipate probable future economic scenarios. Financial analytics’ objective is to shape corporate strategy through dependable, factual knowledge rather than intuition.

Universities in Scandinavia provide the world’s best finance courses for students. The Bachelor of Science in Analytical Finance degree prepares you for a rewarding career in the worldwide world of finance. By providing you with a solid mathematical basis, you will be able to do quantitative analyses of financial markets and effectively manage financial portfolios.

Top 5 Research Areas in Scandinavia
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